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1/19/12 6:06 A

we have the same goal weight 121, I have 25# to loss. 120 was always my set weight until I started staying home and caring for my retired husband and elderly mother (3yrs+). I think this 8 cups of water will be the first thing to remember. The pie chart of what percentage we eat and what we should eat is going to be an easy tool to see our goals. It is to much fat and low carbohydrates for me. Have a good day. ks

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1/18/12 3:55 P

Ah that sounds interesting actually! Might give that a go - thanks!

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1/18/12 2:56 P

I just read that emotional eaters, like myself, should find a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, something to hug at night when you are eating for other then hunger. This sounded good to me for my evening food-for-alls. Still looking for the huggable item but the idea helped me realize all the times I eat because I am tiered, mad, sad, bored, ...

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1/18/12 2:45 P


I have just joined & am worried my motivation won't last! I am a hopeless emotional eater & the stress at work at the moment is very high! Any tips to help me stay focused & on track would be greatly appreciated!


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