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2/10/13 11:36 A

Hey there. If you look at this as a DIET (Nasty 4 letter word) then it is a All or Nothing type of thing. But our quest is not a DIET It is our life and a way of life.
On those days you know your going out, Birthday Party whatever the plan, make a plan and stick with it. If you and husband are going out to eat. Go to Google put that restaurant name in and pull up the Nutritional Information so you can plan your food menu. If they don't then stay away from sauces, creamy and friend.
Life doesn't STOP emoticon when we are trying lose weight. So enjoy each and everyday. Make a plan and work it. Drink your water, which helps me a 1000% and WRITE DOWN everything that goes in your mouth.. Post on your Spark Page. do anything that makes you aware of what your doing.
Girl you can do this and we all can. ...... I need to learn how to maintain emoticon That is my All or Nothing.

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2/9/13 8:39 P

Hi Linda,

I completely agree with what everyone has said on this board. I am just starting out (again) and continue to try to keep in mind the 90/10 percentage. If I eat healthy, nutritious items 90% of the time, the 10% of things that aren't as nourishing to my body (but help me stay on track in the long run) won't make a big impact to my physical health. I find that this helps me not binge on treats because I know that I can have cake, chocolate, etc in moderation; such as having a 1.5" x 1.5" piece of cake instead of a 3" x 3" of cake to get the taste and treat of it, but not feel guilty later or not having it at all and then binging later due to craving it. This helps me mentally, as everything is allowable and nothing is "off-limits" because for me, once I tell myself I can't have something, I crave it (and eventually binge from feeling "deprived"). Instead, I tell myself that I can have a small amount of it later (in the day or the week, etc) and find that my sweet tooth is WAY more manageable (mentally and physically) when I follow this. Hope this helps you, if not Good luck finding your "happy medium" and what works for you, there is always a little trial and error.

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2/9/13 4:13 P

Hey, Linda !

I give all new members one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Good health isn't about will power or lack of self control either. It's about making "better" choices, not perfect choices. Stop trying to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. There is absolutely no reason you can't enjoy a small piece of cake. I can't image living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight. that's not healthy.

All things in moderation. And I'll be very honest with you, learning portion control takes time. a long time. So, don't beat yourself up if there are days you eat more than others. it's going to happen. that doesn't make you a bad person or a weak willed one.

Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time, that's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. change takes time, thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

Think progress, not perfection.

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2/9/13 11:43 A

Hi Linda,

Healthy living is not about's about learning to accept the obstacles that come your way and developing action steps to have in place. My suggestion is to eat a normal, healthy breakfast. Doing so may keep you fuller longer and we know that one of the biggest triggers that lead to overeating is allowing ourselves to become physiologically too hungry. Make sure you stay well-hydrated.

As for the cake, try not to allow someone else's feeling about you not having cake determine whether you have a piece or not. The celebration is not about the cake, but celebrating your SIL's birthday.

That being said, if you truly want a piece make it clear to the person serving the cake that you want a very small piece. Then savor each bite. The reality for many of us, is when we deprive ourselves from these types of foods, we do develop an all-or-nothing mentality so that we eat so much because we know we may not have them again for a long time. But if you know that this will not be the last cake you will ever eat, enjoying a small piece may do just the trick. It's about you thinking before doing and in doing you will develop habits of healthy living.

And remember have and enjoy the day for what it is.

Coach Nancy

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LINZEE118 Posts: 3,756
2/9/13 9:55 A

Good Morning Everyone, I have a problem. Since everyone is so helpful I hate to bother anyone for a small problem but it is a big broblem to me. The reason is because I have this all or nothing mentality. Plus the fact I am just getting back on track.This is my 6th day back on track & I don't want to fail this time around. I feel like emoticon Anyway my DH & I go out on Sundays. It is our time out & I do allow extra calories for the day by cutting back on breakfast or dinner. The problem is it's also my son-in-laws bday & they might feel disappointed if I don't have a piece of cake. I guess I can handle it if my calorie intake is way over for the day but can I handle the cake. Do I have the willpower to have that one little slice without going into a eating frenzy? Does anyone have any suggestions?Linda

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