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12/29/13 2:39 A

Running is just way too much wear & tear for me... I want to be able to walk down the road when I'm 80, and it doesn't seem to be "in the cards" for me to be a runner.
* I've walked 100's of miles... (When I tried to mix in walk/jog, I ended up with hip issues that have yet to be resolved 2 yrs later!)

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12/28/13 2:31 P

Where is your arthritis?

Coach Jen

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12/28/13 8:41 A

So, is this thread about running with arthritis, obesity, or both? I am glad you have clearance from the doctor to start exercising. Personally, I started running after I lost weight but that was just me.

I also have arthritis in my left knee and it doesn't stop me at all. I do not make terrain adjustments at all. And, I have run a variety of distances: 5ks, 10k2, 15ks, 10 miles, and half marathons. I have also spectated marathons. And you see people of all sizes doing those routes.

If you haven't been running at all, I would encourage you to start with a Couch to 5k (C25K) or the Spark 5k plan. They start you with walk/run intervals. And slowly increase the running as the walking decreases.

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12/28/13 12:22 A

Were you still obese when you started running? Did you have to make any adjustments wrt terrain, etc. ? I have the ok from my doctor, but I wonder if I should wait till I lose a bit more.

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