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3/30/10 11:35 A

I agree with ArchmiedesII. This is a great class and without it I would probably do no weights at all but at the same time you really need to go slow with this class. It took me 4 weeks before I really used any weight with this class and when I did increase weight I did so in small increments. For people who are obese or overweight this class is going to help you tone but it is going to be slow. Keep doing it! My arms and legs are stronger because of it!

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3/30/10 8:55 A

Body Pump is a wonderful class ! I do it every week. Can a person get results ? Yes, but you won't see them overnight. In general, figure 6-8 weeks before you see a change or any kind. That really is typical.

Most people don't see dramatic changes doing Body Pump or any other class once or twice a week. And you shouldn't do Body Pump more than that. You must give your muscles a chance to rest and recover between workouts. If you don't let them rest, you risk burn out, injury and fatigue.

Ultimately, if you're trying to lose weight, you need to be mindful of what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

So, if you combine your Body Pump class with healthy eating habits, the weight will come off with time. Once again, don't expect results overnight. It won't happen.

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3/30/10 7:09 A

I started doing BodyPump in September, and just this year I started doing it two times a week. I have definitely noticed a difference in my body. My arms and legs are definitely getting some muscle definition, and my pants are starting to get big on me. It's a great workout!

I didn't really take notice as to when I started to see a difference, but I would guess after a month, you should start to see results. This of course depends on how many times a week you do it.

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3/29/10 6:19 P


I started Body Pump today. I read that it is a great way to tone up quickly. If you have tried it before, please share your experience with me. What results did you get? After how many weeks?


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