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Any recommendation on delicious healthy cereal

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Posts: 1,360
8/10/12 1:58 A

Nature's Path Flax, & Pumpkin seed - I've been loving mixed with greek yogurt
Oat bran (TJ's) with blueberries
Brown rice with cinnamon and whey powder (mixed in makes it very creamy)

Posts: 5,899
8/10/12 1:30 A

Oatmeal, Uncle Sam, Shredded Wheat, & Kashi

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Posts: 64,813
8/9/12 6:47 P

use Kashi cereals.

SparkPoints: (27,350)
Fitness Minutes: (5,556)
Posts: 1,391
8/9/12 1:47 P

I've been trying to go all GMO free, so I swear by Kashi at this point since they have the GMO free brand on the side of the box. They have gotten SOO much better than they use to be. I'm loving the Harvest Wheat ones. They come in vanilla, cinnamon, and plain. The Berry one they have is good too :)

Posts: 607
8/9/12 1:08 P

My favourite is the same as the previous poster. I don't eat cereal anymore, but if I did, it would be Trader Joe's High Fiber O's. It has a nice nutty brown sugar flavour. Even my cat used to like it!

Posts: 406
8/9/12 1:00 P

Delicious / Healthy Cereal. Isn't that an Oxymoron?

I eat Trader Joes High Fiber Cereal.

Posts: 670
8/9/12 12:48 P

I am also a fan of the Kashi, high fiber and protein for cereal

Posts: 132
8/9/12 12:32 P

i stay away from cereal.... to me, i get hungry too fast after eating it.. i like eggs, i stay full until lunch that way

SparkPoints: (80,847)
Fitness Minutes: (37,280)
Posts: 4,214
8/9/12 12:29 P

Hi Everyone,
I just tried Kashi Island Vanilla - Organic Whole Wheat Biscuits Baked with Sweet Vanilla. It has 48g whole grains 6g fiber... check it out as it is pretty good too!

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SparkPoints: (4,550)
Fitness Minutes: (1,257)
Posts: 229
8/7/12 12:37 A

Banana Nut Cheerios! I hated Cheerios and then I tried good!

SparkPoints: (24,319)
Fitness Minutes: (4,960)
Posts: 1,244
8/4/12 12:17 P

I love Cheerios. I know they're not the greatest, but they're definitely not the worst either.

Posts: 3,026
8/4/12 11:39 A

Kashi go lean.

Posts: 1,570
8/4/12 11:20 A

Quaker Hearts Cereal - very yummy.

SparkPoints: (93,077)
Fitness Minutes: (34,327)
Posts: 5,630
8/4/12 11:13 A

My absolute favorite is Post Great Grains, crunchy pecan...probably because I am a nut fanatic, and there's yummy ones in there. I usually top it with blueberries, and I'm a happy girl. Otherwise, I eat any of the Kashi GoLeans, because if the protein and fiber combo.

SparkPoints: (18,800)
Fitness Minutes: (7,641)
Posts: 1,144
8/4/12 10:54 A

I recommend..old fashioned oat meal..its quick and filling.

SparkPoints: (80,847)
Fitness Minutes: (37,280)
Posts: 4,214
8/4/12 10:46 A

I have just tried Kashi Go Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble and it is pretty good. Unfortunately, I cannot find Trader Joe's cereal yet.

Sometimes, I have Quaker Instant Oatmeal Peaches & Cream too.

Once again, thank you everyone for your suggestions! emoticon


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SparkPoints: (80,847)
Fitness Minutes: (37,280)
Posts: 4,214
7/17/12 10:12 P

Hi Everyone! emoticon

Thank you very much for all your suggestions! I will check it out if it is available in my area. Please keep suggestions coming. I will check back here again.

Take care & have a wonderful week!


SparkPoints: (43,371)
Fitness Minutes: (29,630)
Posts: 1,471
7/15/12 12:09 P

Special K Redberry is positively delicious!

Posts: 406
7/15/12 10:18 A

I like Trader Joe's "High Fiber", either with milk, or fat free yogurt.

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Posts: 3,328
7/15/12 10:14 A

Any with sugar content below 8 grams per serving.

Better: any made with oats and not wheat.

SparkPoints: (55,945)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,173
7/13/12 3:55 P

Multi Grain Cheerios with bananas and or strawberries!

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
7/13/12 2:43 P

To KNUCKLES. I add 1/4 c of Fiber One to my morning yogurt and fresh unsweetened cranberries. Delicioso. I also love the taste of Fiber One and will sometimes eat the cereal as a snack.

Posts: 1,081
7/13/12 2:05 P

Make your own cereal like trail mix ....with what you like...just could the calorie

Posts: 13,230
7/13/12 2:04 P

I can't seem to eat cereal and have them stay with me very long, so I have greek yogurt for breakfast, with fresh berries

Posts: 5,899
7/13/12 1:42 P

Uncle Sam
Oatmeal...mix in berries or banana, etc
Shredded wheat
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 654
7/13/12 12:33 P

I sometimes tire of breakfast cereals, too...and that's when I turn to oatmeal.. I like those little packets you can microwave that have peaches and cream, or maple in them..and yeah, I suppose they aren't all that healthy...sometimes make up a batch of steel cut oats and then add almonds, raisins, fruit... the steel cut oatmeal lasts for days in the frig...only have to reheat it..

Posts: 4,232
7/13/12 11:58 A

Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax

SparkPoints: (61,499)
Fitness Minutes: (55,153)
Posts: 3,001
7/13/12 8:34 A

Barbara's Puffin Puffs, cocoa flavor and also peanut butter/chocolate flavor.

Posts: 1,582
7/13/12 8:31 A

Kashi toasted berry crumble--my absolute fave right now
Fiber One caramel delight (I'm having trouble finding this one...I hope they're not discontinuing it)
FiberPlus makes a flavor like cheerios...toasted cinnamon O's or something like that

SparkPoints: (24,529)
Fitness Minutes: (13,450)
Posts: 1,061
7/13/12 8:08 A

I eat either Fit & Active vitality cereal or it's more popular name of Special K, any flavor really. Sometimes I get the plain special K and mix in my own fruit to spice it up.

SparkPoints: (111,760)
Fitness Minutes: (110,507)
Posts: 4,475
7/13/12 4:02 A

I like Fiber One. Also oatmeal with fruit is always good.

Posts: 2,126
7/13/12 1:22 A

Do you get Kellogg's Fruit n Fibre in the States? That's my favourite. Also porridge. Or you could mix your own muesli

SparkPoints: (80,847)
Fitness Minutes: (37,280)
Posts: 4,214
7/12/12 11:00 P

I am getting burned out on all my breakfast cereals. Anyone has suggestions on delicious healthy cereal other than the following cereals:

Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes & Blueberry Clusters
Fiber One 80 Calories Honey Squares
Total + Omega-3 Honey Almond Flax

Thank You & Have A Great Day!

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