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3/12/13 7:17 A

I don't have a microwave steamer, but I'm thinking if you did a google search for steamer recipes, you'd get some results. I don't buy recipe books any more; there's so much stuff available on the web, instantaneously. I save recipes on pinterest or occasionally I'll print something out and add it to a notebook I keep, of favorite recipes. A lot of times recipes on the web will include nutrition information. Or you can enter it into the recipe calculator here on Spark, to figure out the calories, carbs etc.

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3/12/13 6:54 A

I 'steam' a lot of veges in the microwave but don't use a steamer. I just drip some water into the container that the veges are in and put a wet paper towel over the top. It works well. Is this the sort of thing you are after?


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3/11/13 10:14 P

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have gotten very into cooking with microwave steamers (the one we bought are from Sur La Table).

The only downside is that the recipes they gave us are limited and we haven't been able to find any books printed in English with more.

If anyone knows of any such books or, better still, of recipes to try, we'd sure appreciate you sharing them!

Thank you Nikki

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