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MIZKAREN Posts: 52,201
4/26/13 8:35 A


LIFETIMER54 Posts: 1,478
4/26/13 6:35 A

I tried watching it a couple of times and just couldn't get into it....

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4/26/13 5:37 A


LEANIE64 SparkPoints: (35,838)
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4/13/13 1:26 P

Now that Downton is over for the season..I have watched Little is a wonderful show..I was unable to view all the episodes..because of a friend ordered it from the library..and lent it to myself.
I'm into the series "The Midwife"...great show..If you haven't watched !!

WORDWOMAN7 SparkPoints: (11,240)
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4/12/13 9:21 P

We adore it. It's brilliant.

CHERYLE51 Posts: 2,673
4/12/13 7:48 P

I watched season 1 on my Kindle. I liked it, but just didn't get into it that much. My son and I are hooked on Homeland on Showtime.

LIFETIMER54 Posts: 1,478
4/12/13 1:14 P

Have tried a few times but just couldn't get into it.... emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,579
4/12/13 1:45 A

Having watched all of the Poirot episodes with David Suchet (I had watched him as Freud which was really good), I then watched Foyle's War and loved that series. We watched Midsomer's Murders and enjoyed that and of course, Miss Marple episodes. So now we found Downton Abbey and saw Season one on Netflix. The Junior College has all 3 seasons on DVD, so I'm going to check out Season 2 this coming week. I love it.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,305)
Fitness Minutes: (185,080)
Posts: 254,364
4/11/13 11:18 P

Hi do they show & where just watched one series

1/15/13 2:41 P

HI Leanie. Love it. Totally addicted.

LEANIE64 SparkPoints: (35,838)
Fitness Minutes: (25,529)
Posts: 1,987
1/15/13 9:58 A

I enjoy the weekly view..Just wondering if anyone else is addicted as well !!

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