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63DENISE Posts: 2
2/28/14 5:01 A

What kind of program is it. Never heard of it. What city are you located in? Me Indianapolis

GIPPER1961 Posts: 765
2/27/14 3:04 P

my apologies about my post being irrelevant to your question. I just noticed I misread it and thought you were referring to another program

GIPPER1961 Posts: 765
2/27/14 2:59 P

I didn't use the program you mentioned so I can't directly comment on that. that being said last may I weighed 309 pounds. I started running not too long after that. I slowly worked my way up and now can run 7 miles.

Diet of course is a big deal as I lost 50 pounds and now am 253.

My advice is if this is something you want to do start slow and keep at it. My first run lasted 1 minute. Don't let your mind limit you. When I finally made it to a mile I thought to myself, I can't go longer than this. Well the next time I made it two miles, so obviously I could have gone longer the first time.

Pay attention to your body though. Don't over do it or you will end up injured. Since you have that program use it. If something is too hard then let the time frame slip a little but keep at it. I have heard from others that the program is good.

I found that I really enjoy running and miss it when I can't get out to run. Winter was tough on me because I didn't run outside (northern Ohio) and treadmill running can be boring to me.

2/27/14 1:46 P

Im over 300 lbs. I have had the program sitting around on the shelf for a while. With some life stuff going on and changing I decided now is the perfect time to start working out and losing this weight. I did day one today with the modified moves. Anyone interested in working out along with me? It would be nice to have someone who was in the same sore muscle boat as me.

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