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4/3/12 1:41 A


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2/14/12 9:37 A

I've never tried it for a workout purpose, but a buddy of mine just last night posted on his FB that he did one of the exercise things and burned 656 calories in 1hr 15min.

If it works for you and you prefer it over running or some other kind of cardio - do it! I should look into getting one. I think my wife would enjoy it. When it's cold she doesn't like leaving the house much.

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2/8/12 3:24 P

Yes, I have the XBOX Kinect and do Zumba and Just Dance and, of course, I get my Harry Potter kicks on it as well, but that's a story for another day. If anyone wants to be friends and play any of the games together please let me know. I think that would be a great motivator.


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12/7/11 9:43 A

I just got the UFC Trainer.... it's tough work indeed.

12/5/11 3:16 P

You all are going to LOVE this. Come Christmas, remind me to post how to set the parental controls. Believe it or not, the Xbox has some of the best parent controls around.

As for fitness, we've had several members see success through the Kinect, and even a couple that have lost 100 pounds by dancing in front of it!

For kids, there are some great family-friendly Kinect titles out there. Swing by our group if you are looking for reviews, suggestions, or answers to any questions.

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12/5/11 3:02 P

when we were raising our kids my wife was dead set against game consoles... now that she sees the Kinnect and we're both looking for fun ways to get off the couch this has made it onto her christmas list...

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12/5/11 10:45 A

i have to wait til Christmas, when my son gets his!

9/18/11 11:37 A

Being the typical guy, I love to get my Call of Duty going on the Xbox. When they came along with the Kinect, that was a perfect match for me. It helped get my butt off the couch. Do any of you use the Kinect? What are your thoughts on it?

If anyone is interested, I do run a Kinect Fitness group, here on Spark. Feel free to join if you want. The group is here:

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