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You can buy it in a bag - I've ordered mine from VitaCost - brand is Let's do Organic and I usually get the more finely shredded because it seems to blend better. I've never tried actually buying a coconut and going that route - that seems really time and labor intensive and unnecessary when you can get it with the work mostly done for you.

Another thing you might consider is canned coconut milk - many of them do have additives, but I found one brand on Amazon that doesn't - the brand is Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk - it is only organic coconut extract and water and the can is BPA free.

I believe you can also purchase creamed coconut (aka coconut cream concentrate) - Let's Do Organic offers this on Amazon and it is nothing but organic coconut - and coconut milk can be made from that although I'm not sure of the amount of water to the coconut cream but can look that up and let you know if you'd like.

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Thanks guys I'm looking for something easy. I'm feeling lazy I guess. I have made almond milk from almonds in the past and TBH it's a real time suck. A lot of steps involved.

Is the coconut milk made from dried unsweetened coconut or fresh?

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Coconut milk is also incredibly easy to make - just 2 cups of water to 1 cup of raw unsweetened coconut in a blender and blend on high for several minutes. It can be strained if you want, but I don't - I like the added fiber from the coconut.

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3/26/14 8:54 A

Well, I don't know if this helps or not - but you can make your own Almond milk.

I actually never thought of it - someone once posted about it in one of the numerous Almond Milk threads here. She said its better than anything you can buy.

All you need is a blender and almonds. And you can add anything, really, to flavour it if you wish to :)

3/26/14 8:22 A

My sons migraines with vomiting have stopped now that he's given up milk and cheese :) Which is incredible and we are so thankful we have figured out the trigger. He would still like milk from time to time though, so my question is...

I'm looking for a nut milk that doesn't have added gums and other stuff in it. Any suggestions?

Also has anyone made nut milk out of nut butter? Any tips?


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