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10/29/13 10:09 A

chicken & veg fajitas without the rice/beans/sour cream/tortillas. our local place will serve them over a bed of lettuce & tomatoes, so I usually go for that! and i only eat half of it.

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10/29/13 9:50 A

I usually go for a salad with grilled chicken and avocado when I eat Mexican.

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10/29/13 9:38 A

ceviche, grilled shrimp

10/28/13 11:48 P

Don't eat the chips

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10/28/13 9:39 P

Thanks for all the great tips....very helpful. emoticon

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10/16/13 1:50 P

Real Mexican or US-style Mexican?

At an Americanized Mexican restaurant, the only option that might work for me would be shrimp fajitas without the tortillas...but it depends on your food limitations and specific nutritional goals.

At an authentic Mexican restaurant you could have pollo a la brasa con ensalada verde, camarones al ajillo or camarones a a diabla...just don't eat much of the rice. Ask for extra escabeche--it's just pickled vegetables, very good for you. I love the veggie burritos at hole-in-the-wall places...not too bad if you only eat half.

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
10/16/13 12:10 P

I usually opt for fajitas too. I love them anyway. I take my own wrappers instead of the tortillas. You can usually ask for extra veggies with them, also.

Many chain restaurants have their nutritional information posted online. You could check that before you go. If you go to a *real* Mexican restaurant, you can usually get good authentic food that isn't full of the carb-y fattening stuff. If you eat the rice and beans, et al, just don't eat the whole portion! a couple tablespoons are sufficient for "a taste" but won't derail you too badly. And watch out for salads! they aren't always the "diet" food we think they are!

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 60,354
10/16/13 12:05 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

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MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 424
10/16/13 10:06 A

I always ask for black beans instead of refried beans. It cuts out a lot of fat/calories. Skip sour cream. Unless you watch them make the guacamole and see what is going into it, opt for sliced avocado.

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10/16/13 10:03 A

My fave:
Taco salad with ranch/mayo/sour cream (one of these), salsa, lettuce, grilled chicken/beef/seafood (one), cheese, olives, minus the chips, beans, and corn.

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10/16/13 9:49 A

I like fajitas (usually I ask for small corn tortillas), lots of veg and you control what you put on it. Sometimes they have good salads with grilled chicken but watch out for dressings. In a pinch you can always order your favorite meal and portion off part of it in a to go box right away.

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10/16/13 9:38 A

This is where I get stuck. Love eating out at Mexican restaurants but have a hard time navigating the menu for healthier options. Would love any tips. Thanks!

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