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TENAJ99 Posts: 747
11/28/09 1:07 P

I have a whole book full of great ideas. If you'd like, email me ( and I will send you a few. There are appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts and snacks.

In general though, you can substitute fresh for canned at any point. Canned is just that; canned. It's got no additives so the flavor will only be more intense with fresh.

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11/26/09 4:03 A

If you like Pumpkin cooked Indian style here's an easy recipe.Peel and steam the Pumpkin(250gms).Mash it well and add Salt to taste,finely chopped Fresh Cilantro Leaves and 2-5 Green Chillies,1tbsp.coarsely crushed unsalted roasted peanuts and 100gms.Greek Yogurt.Mix well and serve as a Salad.Healthy and filling.

11/25/09 4:47 P

I’m sure you no longer have that pumpkin to use, but for the sake of sharing, one of my favorite recipes is the Pumpkin Baked Ziti with Caramelized Onions and Sage Breadcrumbs.
It’s from one of my favorite books, Veganomicon. It’s vegan and therefore uses a cashew ricotta (I’m vegetarian and eat cheese, but this “ricotta” is unbeatable! It’s so good, and packed with protein, I have to stop myself from eating it by the spoonful. I’m sure you can just use real ricotta if you’d like, but this is definitely worth trying and adds a nice slight crunch and light nuttiness to the dish, plus it’s a sneaky way to add tofu to your dinner, it’s blended so you’d never know it was there).
Another member has the recipe and nutrition info posted here:
It’s well worth the effort to make it as the recipe calls, but can easily be simplified or “un-veganized”

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11/5/09 11:52 P

thats a good idea

GRAMMA123 Posts: 189
11/5/09 7:37 P

You can use fresh pumpkin in any pumpkin pie recipe after you've cooked it--cook as much of the liquid out as you can, then put it through the food processor to smooth it up. Keep in mind that canned pumpkin is a combination of squashes, so the color and flavor can be slightly to very different. I prefer fresh. 8-)

BEAZILLA Posts: 10
11/5/09 5:37 P

You can also use it as a substitute for other winter squashes (acorn, butternut, etc) in recipes. Again, use the smaller pumpkins, not the ones you'd use for a jack'o'latern.

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11/4/09 9:28 P

I've been wondering the same thing

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11/2/09 4:37 P

Thanks icanhearnow, That helps. I just wasn't sure how to cook it.

11/2/09 4:14 P

Cook up the pumpkin by cutting it in half (if it's a small pumpkin) Big pumpkins are for jack-o-lanterns and don't really cook up well. I just cut it and bake it, till soft, (time varies with pumpkins) cut side down with some water (if needed you can add more water) to keep from getting too dry and then scoop (let cool to handle) out the pumpkin meat and I puree it in my food processor (or blender, hand held or the bigger blender) and use like canned pumpkin. I scrape out the seeds after baking, it is easier then, and if I want, I clean the seeds as they are now roasted anyhow. Let seeds dry or they can be SLIPPERY and hard to clean/shell and to eat. (even harder to clean if raw)
hope this helps.
BIG pumpkins can be cooked but will be watery, at least that has been my experience. You need to cut into smaller pieces too, and that can be a bugger cuz pumpkin tends to be HARD.

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11/2/09 3:09 P

I have a pumpkin I'd like use instead of tossing since it wasn't carved. All the pumpkin recipes I've seen call for canned pumpkin but I'd be interested in any that use fresh.
Karen emoticon

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