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12/29/13 3:32 P

Not yet…but sounds like a great idea.

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12/29/13 12:19 P

I would suggest investigating various fields from the business perspective not the "I would love to" perspective. Figure out the viable options for your location and then work in that field for a while before investing money in your own company.

Identifying a field where you can be successful is going to be a challenge. Growth fields are predominately service oriented, such as health care, food service and IT.

If you look at each of these fields you find that there is a high failure rate for new restaurants. A franchise could work, depending on the type and your location. But do you want to run a restaurant?

Do you have the knowledge and experience for IT? Also a lot of companies hire their own IT people. If you have new ideas for apps?

Health care or health care support type businesses have a high growth potential. Providing home care supplies such as hospital beds, oxygen etc are in demand and will only continue to grow.

What field is your degree in? If it's not business then it would benefit you to take some business classes. Check out your local business community resources. Attend some small business training sessions and local support meetings.

You have a wonderful opportunity with the support that you will have from your dad so it's worth spending the time and doing the research.

12/29/13 8:52 A

So I graduate from university in less than 5 months, I've also worked with Deloitte while going so I've been multitasking so I do have work experience and not a total newbie and now that I'm almost done my dad is motivating me to look into entrepreneurship. He thinks once I graduate I should come up with something and he'll help finance it and get me started. I'm very excited about it however I can't seem to come up with an idea and stick to it which is stressful.

I've thought about everything, from franchising to a saloon to a pet spa to a learning center yet I CANNOT seem to settle on one idea. And all of them do not seem innovative I can't think of anything innovative to make it stand out. Any ideas of what could be something interesting and not so common?

When you first started how did you know that THIS IS IT. Did it feel just right or were you not so certain about it yet decided to push it through?

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