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11/24/12 3:02 A

Yes, MICHELLEXXXX is absolutely right--it is not a "fact" that our brains need carbohydrates. The fact that is being twisted around here is that our brains need GLUCOSE.

Our bodies can convert fat into glucose. When we limit our intake of dietary carbs, our liver is able to convert amino acids to glucose. The fat we eat provides energy (fuel) for this process to happen. Whatever fat is unused in that process is converted to ketones, which in turn reduce the need for glucose. This process of synthesising glucose from protein is called gluconeogenesis. Glucose can also come from glycerol, which is a by-product of fat metabolism, and can come from both dietary fat and adipose tissue. See the link at the end of my post for this study.

If our brains needed 130g dietary carbohydrate to work, I would surely be dead or knocking on death's door by now, as I've kept my carbs well under that amount for some time now. Same goes for a number of other SP who also eat low carb diets and are thriving. In fact, I find that my brain functions better on a carb-limited diet than it did when I ate all sorts of carbs.

Another point I've got to clarify, yet again-- the notion that low carb diets "eliminate fruits and vegetables" is another bit of disinformation that is frequently spread by those opposed to this way of eating. This is simply not true! I eat a rather large portion of vegetables at every meal, including breakfast. I also eat fruit, though not as freely as vegetables due to the sugar content. I can only assume this untruth is based on the very temporary induction period of the Atkins Diet (Atkins being only one version of many low carb diets).

Glycerol gluconeogenesis in fasting humans:

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11/23/12 3:30 P

Below is a link to Dietitian Becky's article regarding the importance of Carbs:

For those who wish to follow low carbs (particularly very low carbs) - especially those with Blood Sugar issues, please read it.


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Reply to: "The fact is that to work properly our brain needs a certain amount of carbs."

Actually, what the brain needs to run is glucose or ketones, both of which cross the blood-brain barrier. Low carb puts the body in a state of ketosis, creating ketones to use as fuel.

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11/23/12 8:08 A

Spark People is a community consisting of lots of variety.

There are low carb groups/people
There are other exclusive types, based on either preference or dietary necessity (allergies, for example)

I hope you find a solution that works for you; that you can stick with for life.

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11/23/12 4:41 A

ROBERTF122 - 30lb weight-loss in a month is rather excessive!

ELLISE52 - because you are hypoglycemic, I would be inclined to ask your Dr for a referral to a Dietitian so that you get qualified input into appropriate dietary requirements for you, taking into account your conditions and including things like Cholesterol issues.

Low carbs and very low carbs is restricting things like bread, potatoes, rice, whole-grains, sugar, fruit, veges, and often it is done with the lack of appropriate knowledge about our body's requirements. A lot of people try to be too strict on the reduction, and as a result they eat way to much protein (which can cause kidney damage in the long term), and/or fat, and often the fat is saturated fat which can and does cause significant problems. consumption. The fact is that to work properly our brain needs a certain amount of carbs.


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11/23/12 4:22 A

wha foods are low carbs

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11/20/12 1:58 P

I've done Atkins a few times with great results 30 lb in a month on a few different times but sticking to it with being on the road so much is hard to do

11/20/12 12:56 P

I've been eating low carb for five weeks now and I am definitely seeing good results. I've lost 10 pounds (five the first week and then about a pound a week thereafter) and my clothes are definitely looser.

I've eliminated sugar, grains, and potatoes and eat as much as I want of meat, eggs and veggies. I try to limit fruit to two a day and enjoy a bit of dairy in my coffee and some cheese on weekends with a glass - or two - of wine. I don't eat any "fake" foods (e.g. sugar-free jello, gluten-free breads, or paleo/almond flour baked goods). I have had a couple of mini-cheats here and there (bite of the kids' cookies or lick of their ice cream, etc.) but for the most part I've been faithful and it hasn't been too hard.

Last night I ate one Lays potato chip and it tasted really weird to me. I asked my husband (not dieting) if they taste the same as always and he assured me they do. I think my tastes are changing and the processed food is tasting more artificial to me now.

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11/20/12 9:32 A

I technically eat low carb, I chose to eliminate sugar and flour. What a difference it makes! I do slip, but most of the time when I do I find I don't like what I'm tasting and I for sure don't like how I feel after consuming something with a lot of sugar, flour or fat.
It's harder to eat clean but it's worth it and it gets easier as you go.

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11/20/12 8:59 A

Thanks for the input, I've been on many sites and this is the best one yet

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11/20/12 3:57 A

I believe in low carb as a healthy WOE for most people.
I personally feel best with the elimination of sugar, flour, and grains from my diet. I feel I perform best on a somewhat lower carb version of Paleo: raw veggies, healthy fats, wild meats, non-starchy veggies (except yams), limited fruits, eggs, plain greek yogurt.
Its similar to Atkins' maintenance phase, with only whole foods.

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11/20/12 2:26 A

Hi Robert,

There are lots of us who eat low carb here at SparkPeople....if you search the SparkPeople teams for "low carb" you should find all sorts of groups of great people.

I eat low carb and am doing great! I love it.

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11/19/12 11:26 P

I good friend of mine told me about this site and in the past the only diet that worked for me was Atkins or just low carb.

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