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I have been practicing and preparing for a 5k coming up Saturday. I blistered my feet. Any suggestions on socks or foot prep before the race. I use Glide on my feet and have what is suppose to be socks for walking and running. I bought them in a Sporting Goods Store. My feet get very hot. I have well vented walking/running shoes that are Brooks. So I am not sure what else I can do to stop blisters or help them heal faster. Plus, any recommendations on eating before a race. Should I eat proteins the day before or carbs. Or eat carbs the day of for energy. What do you recommend to drink for hydration, besides water. I do water, but there are a lot of Sports Drinks out there that are suppose to help keep you hydrated and your body balanced as you race. Which ones work for you? Do any of you recommend a good hat that is light and wicks moisture away from the body. Some of you guys have done some serious races and know the ropes. I am walking not running. It is my first official 5k, but not my first 5k. I did a Spark People 5k last year. I am doing a 5k for Habitat for Humanity this time with a lot of other folks in the race. Hubbie is doing the 5k, too. We are also planning on doing another Sparkpeople 5k about 6 days later, if my feet hold out.

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