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2/20/13 8:38 P

Using the shake as a snack is fine.
But, will this really help you to cut out calories? If you have been using high calorie snacks, it could help.

Thanks for your kind words. :)

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2/20/13 7:00 P

I think this article will help you a LOT.

12 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet

Note #5:

5. "Rapid weight loss: Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks!" Looking to lose weight rapidly for your high school reunion or wedding? Products that safely produce lightning-fast weight loss just don’t exist. A weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is the safest and most effective way to take off weight and keep it off.

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2/20/13 6:03 P

DietitianBecky, No i'm not following the whole plan I was just talking about what they say..I just want to do a shake a day but not as a meal replacement , more like a snack.. BTW I see you almost everyday and love the info, Thanks..
Yojulez, I don't know how long she kept it off since they really didn't say..But those kinds of diets just last until you eat again, I've been on a few.

Ericadurr,Good advice for anyone and I'm tryin--Thanks for the good advice...

They say its better than coffee or red bull for energy, and that is just what they say....

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2/20/13 4:31 P

This is just a horrible idea. Take a vitamin if you're looking for vitamins. If you're looking for weight loss, there is NO MAGIC BULLET (because if there were, everyone would be skinny). You're going to have to change your diet, move your body, and put in some good old-fashioned hard work.

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2/20/13 4:24 P

That woman who lost 11.5lbs, how long did she keep it off?

2/20/13 4:11 P

So you are using a shake, 2 times daily---as a meal replacement.
You are basically cutting calories.
It is nothing magical.

What is your plan to keep the weight off; after you stop the shakes??

Dietitian becky

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2/20/13 4:08 P

Yea, I know the whole diet is not that healthy but I think I want to try the shakes, since the chia seeds are so healthy for you.I was reading about it in womans world and they said one lady lost 11.5 lbs in one week and another lost 2 lbs a day. It is basically shakes with chia whipped in and a healthy meal and a snack...They say chia has "two times" more fiber than bran cereal, six times more calcium than milk 8 x more amega 3's than salmon and the list goes on says the diet...And if you follow the diet they say you will lose 30 lbs in 30 days...I guess its a hot diet right now

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2/20/13 1:23 P

Pookie's right, your body simply doesn't release fat that quickly.

Any plan offering you high weight loss claims is going to make you lose water, muscle tissue, organ tissue, and bone density. These are things your body doesn't need if it thinks you're starving, and it drops rapidly. They have a lot of effect on "weight" and show "really great immediate weight loss - woo hoo". But they're all essential body material that you NEED.

To lose "fat" you should be aiming for 1-2 pounds a week maximum. Anything higher is not "fat".

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2/20/13 1:19 P

a pound a day of fat is physically impossible.

I know nothing about the diet, it sounds like yet another silly fad thats touted at the start of the year to make money on peoples new year resolutions.

I don't need to know anything to proclaim it a load of hooey if their first claim is the pound a day... because that is hooey.

You could use your time to research good, real nutrition and planning a real diet plan, with nutritious foods, that you can live with and lose real weight. You will end up a lot healthier and happier... and isn't that what we all want really?
emoticon emoticon

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2/20/13 1:02 P

I was just reading about this diet and they say you can lose a lb a day...I have been thinking of just having the seed shakes only. Just asking if anyone knows about the diet .

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