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EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
8/24/10 8:08 P

I second the recommendation for Nordstroms, especially online. You can always order a couple of things online - either different dresses or different sizes (shipping is free if you spend at least $200) and then you can return things to a nearby store if you don't like them. I bought a lovely "DOG" - daughter of the groom :) - dress at Nordstroms online last year. Macy's also has some nice dresses online, although I find the store a zoo.

OZARKMARY Posts: 7,114
8/17/10 5:36 A

Thanks for your idea of checking out Nordstroms. And my Best Wishes to you and your dh-to-be. emoticon

Mary, So Central MO Ozarks
OZARKMARY Posts: 7,114
8/16/10 8:37 P

Thanks for the idea. I think I feel a shopping day coming on! emoticon mary

Mary, So Central MO Ozarks
LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
8/16/10 8:36 P

Although I'm actually the bride ---- my age (50 something)has necessitated that I look for my wedding outfit where Mother of the Bride dresses are found....Nordstrom's (on line) has beautiful and sexy, stylish outfits in the $200-$300+ price range ---- Some are really lovely ! Good Luck !

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,664
8/16/10 2:46 P

I would say go to stores that have a formal wear department. And just start trying anything on that suits you.

And I have noticed that even at Bridal Stores, the MOB dresses are starting to look much more chic and elegant. Definitely not how they were twenty years ago when my sister got married.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,405
8/15/10 8:00 P

I was MOB almost three years ago and was MOG just a few weeks ago.

I did not get a regular MOG dress... I went for a metallic copper cocktail gown. I really liked it.

Just go out to the stores and start trying on. What I ended up with was NOT what I had in my head... but it looked GREAT on me!

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OZARKMARY Posts: 7,114
8/11/10 11:15 A

Just wondering. I think I'm losing sleep thinking of the things my daughter is telling me about decorations, dresses, flowers etc. We're pretty close so she shares everything, which I love. Guess I'm excited, too. Her wedding is 7/9/11. Also, I'm looking for a non-traditional m-o-b dress. More of a flowing, elbow length, mid-calf sundress style. Looking for store names where anyone may have seen such a dress. Thanks.

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