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3/27/14 2:59 P

I just love, love the good wife. It is the only show I watch that I hate to miss.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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3/27/14 9:24 A

Used to watch it faithfully but then got tired of it. I watch it sporadically and wish I had seen last Sunday's show!!!

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
3/27/14 12:39 A

no not a fan

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (543,873)
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3/26/14 8:45 P

I used to watch The Good Wife, but I haven't watched in a long time.

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (63,594)
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3/25/14 2:43 P

I have a hard time being committed to a show week after week but I have enjoyed The Good Wife, the writing is usually quite good. Some of the story lines began to get a bit tedious (Kalinda's husband etc.) and I almost stopped watching it. Even the off and on again with Will and Alicia was wearing a bit thin. Then with the Olympics sidelining the show for weeks I almost forgot to watch when it started up again. So glad I caught the last episode, quite the shocker. I think it might be good for the show, takes it into a whole new dimension. I read that it was Julianna that convinced "Will" to stay another year. It will be interesting to see where his career goes, he plays the part of Will well but I don't see a lot of range in his acting but who knows. Because of the last episode I'll keep watching to see how it all plays out.

LAMDA125 Posts: 112
3/25/14 2:26 P

Didn't see that one coming! Heard on a radio show this morning that in reality "Will" couldn't stand Julianna Margolies "Alicia" and couldn't wait for his contract to be up to leave. You never would have guessed it by their scenes together - I guess that's why they call it acting.

Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
3/25/14 2:21 P

My husband really enjoys the show and I watch it with him. We definitely didn't see that coming. From what I read, the actor who played Will decided to leave the show (told them he was going to do it last year) and they have been planning the demise of the character since that time. From what I read, he wanted to leave and "stretch himself" with further roles.

So many actors seems to do this sort of thing. They have a good, steady, job on a popular series that's not in danger of being cancelled and I think the success of having a good role goes to their heads. The next thing you know, they are leaving to "try different things" or "stretch themselves" with other roles. Or, they say they don't want to be "typecast." They don't realize that it was the show that was so successful and not themselves, as individual actors. Usually, you don't see much of them in the future, if you see them again at all on TV or in a movie--whatever success they had as actors was limited (or pretty much limited) to the one show. Anyway, I'll bet the actor who played Will on The Good Wife (I never knew his name before and can't remember it now even though I read about him just the other day) never gets another role as good (or as well-paying and/or steady) as this one.

RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (39,606)
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3/25/14 10:14 A

I didn't see that coming it was a real shock it should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Can't wait for next Sundays episode.

LISALOOPNER Posts: 1,151
3/25/14 7:44 A

Did you see last Sundays episode? What did you think? I was totally shocked!

Love that show!

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