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8/9/11 10:31 A

Sounds like you might be trying to do too much at once. If you find yourself in a panic over tracking, try to remember that even the nutrition labels on food are an estimate (a pretty accurate one, but an estimate nonetheless). There are so many variables in the food we eat every day that a semi-educated guess is sometimes the best we can do.

I agree with the mention of putting the scale away for a while. Just do what you can and remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. If this anxiety continues, perhaps some counseling is in order. Food should not be the enemy.

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8/9/11 8:04 A


I think it is very common to find ourselves almost obsessed with the journey in the beginning because in reality we are learning a whole new way of living. If there is one thing I can stress to you and that is to try to stay off the scale. If you feel you need to weigh, I would not do so more than once a week. Frequent weigh-ins, especially in the beginning, can be a deterrent for you meeting your goal.

Remember our bodies are made up mostly of water, therefore it is VERY common for your weight to vary throughout the day and from day to day. It is not a static number, so try not to let the scale to be your only tool for measuring your progress.

I hope you will take some time and read through some of the articles here on SparkPeople (you can locate them in the healthy lifestyle centers--see the tab at the top of your page). To many education is key to changing how we face this journey.

I wish you well!

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8/9/11 12:28 A

Alana, you must be careful as this can turn into a problem very quickly. That said, it does not man that it will. Too many people get into the mindset that there is some quick fix here. There simply isn't. I have been training people for 16 years now, and the best way to see results that are permanent is to embrace this as a lifestyle. There WILL be ups and downs, and you WILL cheat and have some things that you technically "shouldn't." That is just life, and once you accept it, it should get better. Are you also exercising as part of this weight loss plan?

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8/9/11 12:23 A

Two weeks in and I haven't lost weight. That doesn't really phase me because I'm still getting used to everything and don't have a consistent scale that I can check regularly. What is bothering me is that I'm developing some pretty intense anxiety about the whole process. I freak out every time I can't check calories (for instance, I don't know exactly how much of a serving something is at a restaurant, or my dad tries to be "helpful" and makes me dinner, and forgets to measure everything). I splurged on some ice cream the other day, and a little bit dripped out of the bowl, and I practically had a panic attack. I just started my first full time job, and I literally come home and cry because I don't have the energy/time to exercise. I usually still do something, but I guess I'm just upset because I can't do as much as I want. I have never felt worse about my body (I think because I'm thinking about it all the time). I want to loose weight, but I'm not really sure if this is worth it. I'm having extreme highs and lows. Any advice?

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