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11/16/12 4:04 P

oh and cutting down.... I used to use powdered whitener in my coffee, I just cut it down a little at a time got used to it, then cut some more, got used to it... so over the course of about a month I weaned myself off it.

Now I drink my coffee black except for 1 half milk/half water special coffee for breakfast.

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11/16/12 4:03 P

No, never seen small ones, still only in the big 4 pints, not even into the 2 pints yet!

You could decant it though into a tight fitting screw top bottle?

1% is neat, skimmed is nasty but this is just as tasty as semi.

EEJAYBEE Posts: 261
11/16/12 3:26 P

Thanks for the posts- I guess part of the problem is I'm "guesstimating" how much I drink at work, as there isn't a measuring jug to hand. In the past, when I did measure (several years ago) I worked out I drank about 100ml per cup- although that seems like quite a lot? I have tried to limit myself to two or three mugs a day (I am a BIG instant coffee drinker (although mainly decaf)- so this is progress), but on work days when I'm feeling stressed or other peoplel make me drinks, it tends to be coffee,coffee,coffee.
I live in the UK and I don't think I can get small bottles of 1% milk yet (sounds great). The idea of taking a pre-measured amount into work sounds like a good idea though- at least it would give me more of idea of how much I'm drinking.

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11/15/12 7:05 P

What about getting some of those little cartons/bottles of 1% to take to work with you to use? Or, like another poster suggested, bring some from home in a little container? Can you also work on adding a bit less... like a teaspoon less every few days until you're consuming a lot less or none?

11/15/12 6:50 P

What are the amounts?
How much is this adding?
How many cups are you drinking?
Dietitian Becky

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11/15/12 5:54 P

how about adding coconut or almond milk? I don't do dairy and won't go back to it. Personal choice. (don't like drinking another species milk-- I am wierd that way) You could always bring your own to work in a little cup. That may work.

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11/15/12 5:49 P

I love milky tea and coffee- I am trying to use 1% milk, but this isn't always possible at work, and I can't bear skimmed milk (I drink twice as much to stop it tasting watery!) I have tried to reduce the amount of tea and coffee I drink, but this has got harder now winter has set in. I've tried fruit teas but sometimes they just don't hit the spot. The trouble is, using up all my calories on milk means I don't have much left for snacks or treats. Am I just making excuses, or are there ways to painlessly cut down on milk intake?

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