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6/4/13 1:20 P

WOO HOO!!! Congrats! That is a significant achievement! I know your body is thanking you and so are your friends and family, because you are likely to not just live longer, but live better! You ROCK!!!

JULISKA09 SparkPoints: (16,182)
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6/4/13 9:02 A

Congratulations! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
6/4/13 5:58 A

Great work!

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6/4/13 12:31 A


ALLIBEAR77 SparkPoints: (24,916)
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6/2/13 3:02 P

Congratulations! Clearly you are doing things right :)

ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (38,869)
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6/2/13 12:36 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
It is members like you that inspire me. Thank you for sharing this and huge congratulations on your determination and success!

COUCHTO50 SparkPoints: (2,324)
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6/2/13 12:15 P

Congrats not only on losing 100 pounds, but sticking with your program for such a long time. That is amazing! Keep up the good work :)

SCRAPPYDOO9 SparkPoints: (4,745)
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5/31/13 10:01 P

Thats a big accomplishment! Enjoy your success!

ALM0226 Posts: 158
5/31/13 1:04 P

Wow!! Congrats on joining the 100 lb lost club......but what is more inspiring to me is that you have been consistent on this journey for close to 1.5 years!!! That would be a HUGE accomplishment for me...thank you for the inspiration!!!

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
5/31/13 11:23 A

Holy hell, that's fabulous. YOU are fabulous... no matter what!!!!!!!!


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KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
5/31/13 11:10 A

Congratulations! You should be flying high! Way to make it happen and all the best to you!!

NILLAPEPSI SparkPoints: (119,890)
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5/31/13 7:57 A

emoticon That is soooooo emoticon emoticon !!

emoticon emoticon

WTROUTMAN SparkPoints: (201)
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5/31/13 7:32 A

Today is the day. I passed the -100lb mark.
Start: 2/16/2012

Start weight: 308.6lbs
Current: 208.4lbs

starting shirt size: 2-3xl
current: Lg, some mdm

Starting jean size: 46/48
Current: 33/34

Holy hell I am flying high this morning!

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