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Different question. Does anyone know the difference between regular Fish Oil and Crill ? Advertisers have an agenda so how does one know the difference?

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2/22/13 3:07 A

Could be the carpet, I'm allergic to the junk they put in carpet, and they put in new carpet before I moved in, and I had bad allergic reaction two other places I lived when they put in new carpet, the first place I turned all red and itched for 4 months and they had me in the er so much and gave me prednisone which only made me itch more and I could get air then but it was not in my lungs, second place was shag carpet but not new and allergist I had said never move as my house had no carpet but Imoved here and that was about 300 miles away and sold my house, and wher ein the city do yu live there is no carpet?

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2/21/13 3:17 P

Since my husband has a Master's degree in Industrial Hygiene, I'm very aware of air pollution. You should contact the Health Department and tell them you need an environmental check on your apartment as you believe it has a problem. If you don't get help from them call the Health Department at the nearest University as they will know where you can get help from the EPA. There ARE people who can tell you what is the problem in your living area. There could be mold in the air ducts.

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Try getting a dehumidifier and make sure the home is dusted, swept etc on a regular basis. Boiler heat is moist heat and can cause mold to grow in any uninsulated area. Keeping all excess contaminations clear helps keep the buildup of allergens to a minimum. When you meet the pulmonary doc, have your concerns written down and document as many of your signs and symptoms, dates, times, etc as possible. Also write down any questions that you think of...stay calm, don't discuss what has or has not been done with the last doc...just focus on what your there to talk about. Be specific...Anxiety is a throw off in many clinics...that's when a person feels that no one is listening and they talk faster to cram in more information and all of that info gets really cloudy.
Find out when your home was completely inspected last time...and if the vents, etc were cleaned out. You can also tape filters over any air vents...check the air conditioner (if you have one) and you might even sleep under an electric blanket and turn the heat down. Fleece covers are great for warmth in cooler areas. Good luck!

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2/21/13 2:16 A

Thank you for responding to the last one, I live in a 1980 infependent living retirement apt with boiler heat, its always one even when its not suppose to be on, and you can't regulate it, I got a weird infection on january 6 and now I"m having breathing problems, it hurts to breathe in and out, so I sleep with windows open, in South Dakota that gets a little cold, primary doc does not hear anything when he has me beathe, so they dont' understand whats amiss.

I'm up at night as it hurts to breathe in and out and its moving up, I keep thinking I"m allerigc to something in here due to the heat, because when I leave here for hours I feel better and I can breathe better, now their going to send me to a pulmonary doc but I keep thinking I'm living on borrowed time, I have severe allergies and got sick january and I need surgery on a thryoid nodule but they won't do it as I can't get air in, they thought the fast racing pulse was medication, I started, it could be but not sure where to turn now?

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