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6/30/13 2:18 P


If you can't love yourself, how are ya gonna love somebody else? - RuPaul

Take action, and inspiration will follow - Gilad

Change without losing yourself and you can accomplish anything. - Tim Gunn

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars - Casey Kasem (RIP :( )
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6/30/13 1:53 P

Thank you all for the very warm and encouraging welcome. Thank you, Dawn, for the link, and Trev I am checking out your page right now. I have been looking around a bit (I'm at work currently so looking when I can) and everyone seems so friendly and helpful. That is going to help a LOT. I have always encountered so many judgmental people and that does not help at only makes me wants to cling to the comforting (albeit destructive) ways of doing things. I think coming here was an excellent first step!


"Never, never, never give up." -Winston Churchill
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6/30/13 12:54 P

Congratulations Lizzie,

Just by getting into this place I no doubt you will get a boost to aid your loss.

You are about to start a 70kg weight loss. I started an 80kg loss four months ago and now have 48kg to go.

This place works, and there is such an abundance of information here which all seems to be truthful and completely unbiased too.

Please feel free to check out my spark page and blog and If I am ever in a position to help out I am more than pleased to do so.



I will do today what others won't
So I can have tomorrow what others can't.

You will ultimately become the people you associate with and eventually become the books that you read.

Never in human history has a statue ever been erected in homage to a critic.
Jean Sibelius (composer 1865-1957)
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6/30/13 9:41 A

Believe in yourself! You can do this! This is what I tell myself & I believe these words will help me see this journey through. I have been up and down since I can remember. Now is the time for a change & together we can all do this. Remember you are not alone is this struggle. Best wishes :-)

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6/30/13 8:37 A

emoticon emoticon

Peggy (Colorado)

Please check out the teams I am on: Dog Lovers, DO IT FOR LOVE! (co-leader), (New team) HAVING FUN WHILE REACHING YOUR GOALS!! (Leader), Isagenix users, & Make Life Happen!

6/30/13 8:12 A

emoticon to Spark People and Best wishes on your Journey. You can do this Lizzie.. Tons of support and information on this site.. take your time learn how it all works and soon you will be on your way..

A great place to start is here :

best wishes ,


~ It is my life to take back..I'm not waiting one more day.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
- Goethe
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6/30/13 8:01 A

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie and I am also new to here. My insurance is active as of today (yayyyyy!!!) and I've decided to take my life back the best I can. I have a TON of health issues and I am very, very overweight too which definitely does not help (duh...). I'm hoping to break through addictions I have with food and get over my dislike of all things good for me. I've always joked around that I'd make a great vegetarian if it wasn't for the vegetable part of it. (Sad joke right?)

I really want to get things taken care of because to be honest, I'm miserable. I feel terrible all of the time between all of my health conditions, my horrible eating habits, my lack of exercise and activity, etc. I'm 31 years-old but I feel like I'm in my 80s and that is NOT a good spot to be in. So I hope I get to make some online friends here and get a great accountability community going on. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and I'm looking forward to the changes to come! (Though I have to be honest here because if not here and now then when -- I'm kind of dreading it too because I'm scared I'll fail at this just like everything else. But we'll see what happens!)


"Never, never, never give up." -Winston Churchill
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