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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,124
9/16/12 5:02 P

Read the book by Richard Johnson M.D. "The Sugar Fix". He has lectures on youtube.

Watch the seven part series on Youtube "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" with Robert Lustig M.D.

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/16/12 12:05 P

Well, another day down. Spent 7 hours in moving vehicle with boyfriend who has ADHD and he was acting like Porky Pig on drugs to put it nicely, very stressful at times. I try to look at being with him as an adventure most days but I think long road trips with him may not be a good idea. Needless to say, I had plenty of times I wanted to eat but didn't but I did notice without the eating to distract myself with, I'm less patient and just wanted to cry. I wonder how our food and our emotions can be so intertwined when food is to fuel us so we can live? But yet food can have so much power?
I made it thru yesterday without binging and ruining what I have done so far, also had a couple of beers last night (had to!) without totally going bonkers, where in the past I definitely have when consuming alcohol. I am rather proud of myself and am committed to losing weight and to having better relationship with self and with significant other. I just keep telling myself 10 lbs by my birthday (nov 9th) and it seems like a goal I can achieve. Also, didn't get activity in yesterday, which I really missed. I definitely will today. I notice if I don't exercise, I tend to get stir crazy, and consider it my "me" time.
Well, 5 days down without binge eating so I have to congratulate myself on that, tell myself to take a deep breath, to take one day at a time and that, yes, it will be okay.

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