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STACEY4415 Posts: 53
1/27/13 11:42 A

Thanks for your reply.
The main ones are using a resistance tube and sort of moving away from it, if that makes sense
Many thanks

1/27/13 10:12 A

Hard to say, without knowing what the exercises are. I assume they are a low-level workout and therefore can be done daily (unless they cause soreness).
I would do them after running, not before, so you don't run on fatigued ankles.

STACEY4415 Posts: 53
1/27/13 8:30 A

Hello all,

Yesterday I begun to do some ankle strengthening exercises to help with my running and hopefully prevent injury. Should I do this every other day? And have a day off in between? Also, should I do this on the day I run or the day off? I am not too sure

any advice would be much appreciated

thank you

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