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Check out this article on shin splints in case this seems like the problem you might be experiencing:

I would say if the pain persists or gets worse, you should get it checked out by your doctor. The good news is that when it comes to weight loss, the majority of your progress comes from diet, not exercise. So even if you can't exercise as much as you'd like, you can still lose weight consistently if you're tracking all of your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/15/13 5:49 A

After a forever lapse in my weight loss(there has been a lot of moving and other personal issues that just made motivation vanish), my husband and I decided next year to renew our vows and have a very small ceremony. Well, that really kicked me into gear to getting back into weight loss. For 2 weeks straight now I have been doing cardio (and some strength training), and 4 days ago I started getting this shooting pain my right leg (it doesn't feel like in the muscle, it actually feels like the bone). It's now made it to where my normal 45-60 minute workout had to end at 21 minutes tonight.
I still want to keep going with my cardio EVERY day, but with pain like this I don't know of what I can do. I have no equipment, I use a variety of Beach Body videos and switch it up every day.
Does anyone have any suggestions on something I can do that is low impact on days that the pain is just too much?

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