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3/21/13 5:34 P

Weights, and pretty heavy ones, are useful in strength training. Even if you were to haul around a heavy backpack, your caloric burn would not increase by much. Instead, you might end up having back pain for carrying a significantly heavy weight for too long. Carrying weights while walking/running is not a good idea in the hopes of burning more calories. There are far more efficient and healthy ways of increasing the caloric burn, such as running, fast walking, biking, etc.

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3/21/13 2:21 P

Yep, they're a no-no. They would be great to include while you're doing some strength training moves, but not during your housework or with cardio.

Here's more information:

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3/21/13 1:34 P

I have also been told by lots of people that you should not wear ankle weights while walking.

3/21/13 11:37 A

I agree with Coach Jen. Do not use ankle weights. You can really mess up your back and joints. If you want to add weights a vest is the way to go. But in all honesty you do not need that either.
Strength training is what you really want to do. Simple resistance stuff you can do without any or minimal equipment.

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3/21/13 10:48 A

I would not recommend using ankle weights for anything other than strength training exercises. They put an unnatural pull on your joints, which increases your risk of injury, and the increased calorie burn is really minimal. Save the weights for your strength training instead :)

Coach Jen

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3/21/13 10:26 A

I have recently taken to using ankle weights as I am doing chores around my house. Is there an increase in calorie benefit to this practice? I would also like to know if they increase stamina levels while wearing on my outside walks.
Thank you

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