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I know you're trying to avoid surgery, but that's what you might need in order to exercise without any pain. At some point, any of us who has suffered from a chronic injury has to consider surgery as an option if nothing else seems to be working. So, if you find it difficult to walk for long durations, then maybe it is time to get the surgery. Wouldn't it be nice to walk without pain ?

For now, if your doctor says it's okay to exercise, you could do upper body workouts while sitting in a chair. There are tons of cardiovascular chair workouts you could try. Even Coach Nicole has a couple posted. You could even do upper body strength exercises while sitting in a chair too.

Swimming or water aerobics would be two good options for exercise too. I'm not sure about biking/cycling. It really depends on the state of your ankle. But, you could give a stationary bike a try and see how you feel.

Mostly, I wouldn't give up on surgery. I know that none of us likes going under the knife, but if it fixes your ankles, why not ? If you don't want the surgery, then you may be looking at doing shorter workouts. If you can walk for 10 minutes without pain, then walk for 10 minutes. You can break your workouts up into shorter segments and still get all the health benefits. three ten minute walks paced out through the day still adds up to a 30 minute walk.

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Have you tried any lower impact activities, such as swimming, biking or the elliptical? Those might be good options since they put less stress on your ankle.

Coach Jen

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Any tips or advice for working out with an Ankle injury?? I injured my ankle about 2 years ago and I dealt with the pain and let it heal on its own without seeing a doctor. Than a few months ago I fell down the stairs on the same ankle. I went to the doctor this time, the x-ray came back and showed that my tendons are calcified from the previous injury and they said I sprained and strained more of my tendons with the latest fall. (They told me the only way to fix my calcified tendons is to see an orthopedic surgeon).

I have tried Insanity, walking, running, etc. and after about 15-20 minutes my ankle is throbbing and burning! I have an ankle brace I wear when working out but it doesnt seem to help.

I am trying to avoid going to physical therapy and surgery to fix my tendons. Anyone have this issue and any advice?


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