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SARIC3 Posts: 3,815
4/11/13 9:43 A

M@L - Thanks. I also found some additional strengthening exercises on I will work them directly into my wt workout and do every other day.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
4/10/13 11:17 P

As a regular hiker and backpacker, I am firm believer in strong ankles as the best way to prevent sprains and rollovers, rather than strapping, above-the-ankle boots, etc.

Try doing the calf raises barefoot - this is a less stable platform, and works the smaller stabilizing muscles much harder - you'll probably feel a significant difference in the foot muscles. And if over time you can graduate to single leg calf raises, that is even better.

Like any strength exercise, you should leave 48 hours between calf raises, rather than every night. ABC's are more in the nature of stretching and mobility exercises rather than strength exercises, so you can do those every night.


SARIC3 Posts: 3,815
4/9/13 3:07 P

will do, thanks

4/9/13 2:59 P

I would walk & run in shoes with as low a heel as possible. Most shoes on the market have an elevated heel, and that decreases lateral stability, due to the higher center of gravity. Shoes with a low heel include Keds & Converse, and most of the "minimalist shoes". They're actually fine for running too, assuming you don't have any special orthopedic reasons not to wear them.
Whichever shoes you wear, lace them up tight so you have good control over sudden movements.

SARIC3 Posts: 3,815
4/9/13 8:08 A

Thank you I will discuss with my doctor. I was just trying to take advantage of the weather until I see my doctor again.

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4/8/13 1:39 P

Under no circumstances should someone be using a brace of any kind without the advisement of a medical professional. While it may not hurt, it could potentially cause weakness or injury if used improperly.

Talk to your doctor, and find out exactly what kind, size, etc if anything you should be wearing. :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,443
4/8/13 12:33 P

Hi Sara

I'd ask your doctor whether or not they'd suggest wearing a brace. They would be the best person to offer advice about this.

Coach Jen

SARAHMO4 Posts: 335
4/8/13 11:59 A

I just got an ankle brace after my doctor recommeneded it for an old ankle injury to help build up strength. She said it will be good for support and will help strengthen the muscle gradually along with being active and foot/ankle exercises. If this works and I am doing well, there is one a step down thats supportive, just less for people with strong ankles or once mine does better.

I dont see a problem with braces for me. Even shoes with wedges, heels, or a non-flat shoe can be scary if I move too fast or they are too high. Preventing an injury and giving your body the support it needs is better than an injury. I may not like it, my ankles also may never be as strong as before injuring them.They might always need support for me to be active and enjoy everything without firther injury or doscomfort.

SARIC3 Posts: 3,815
4/8/13 10:17 A

I have been recently diagnosed with Arthritis in my Ankles. To decrease the stress on them and strengthen them, I'm moving to flatter shoes in the office and do stretches and exercises most every night (ABC's and Raise & lower on a step).

My walk/run path is cross country style and last year I twisted my ankle several times. As the weather warms up and I begin my runs outside on rough terrain, should I be wearing ankle braces? I know in general I shouldn't because I want to strengthen them to slow down the arthritis progression, but repeatedly twisted the ankles can't be good either.

What are your thoughts? Any other specific exercises recommended?

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