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Isn't it funny how one thing can lead to another? First I found SparkPeople, then I began working my way to a healthier way of eating and to trying to conquer my lack of interest in exercise. Then I began feeling a little healthier. Which led to me watching a bunch of inspiring DVD's about food, weight, etc. Which made me realize I've been trying to remake my food plan using the same tired old recipes from the past 30 years...many of which, when I tried to adjust them to be "less fattening" just tasted awful. Added to which, I saw food as "the enemy" so I decided I hated cooking. Which even FURTHER limited my options. But then, like sun breaking through the clouds after a storm, things began to turn around. I recognized that while I have been "well-fed" in terms of calories and quantities, I haven't been getting nearly enough nutrients! So, I bought a juicer and just tried it out. Amazing! A relatively quick and painless way to up my intake of veggies and fruit. And that led to "Sparking" my interest in other ways to maximize my nutrition for my caloric intake. So, browsing through the Spark recipes, I discovered "massaged kale". I'd heard the phrase used, but had no idea what it meant or how it would make kale (bitter and tough, the one time I tried just cooking it) palatable. I now have a nice dish of mixed kale and baby spinach which has been duly "massaged" and will be a part of tonight's dinner. Then I began prospecting in my cupboards. I found a can of black beans. Again, I'd simply opened the can and heated them up, in the past. blah. So, I bought some Mexican seasonings, and now have black beans with Refrito and tomato sauce (and just a sprinkle of Sazon as it has MSG in it) simmering on the stove. That will be part two of my meal, over some cooked pasta, which I already had and needed to use some way that doesn't involve me eating 3 cups of it with sauce and parmesan as a "meal"! And while doing all this, I realized...I am having FUN! Who knew? I actually am ENJOYING cooking!!! Yipee!

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