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7/29/13 4:58 A

Well done!

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7/29/13 12:14 A

NOJEBRAM, I am totally impressed! Ten pounds down after three weeks of walking. I never realized a Mud Run was so grueling until I saw a program about it on TV. Good luck with that!

Spark On!

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7/28/13 10:56 P

We have been walking every other night 3 miles for the last 3 weeks getting ready to start a running program. So far I have lost 10 pounds and a inch off of all the important body parts LOL!
What more of an intensive does a person need than to see the results? Walking has worked for me before and still does, wish I had never stopped. On August 24th is the Mississippi Mud Run. It will be our first 5.5K walk this year! Wish us luck!!

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