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10/27/13 9:20 A

There are a lot of places that accept candy. Some dentist offices actually buy the candy and send it to troops overseas. I'm sure a food bank would accept the candy, but if you let them, your kids might be able to double dip by taking it somewhere that buys the candy from them. Then your son could maybe get 2 Lego sets emoticon or have extra money.

10/27/13 8:59 A

My kids like to dress up and go trick or treating, but I hate all that garbage candy they come home with. I can't bring myself to let them gorge themselves on candy just to be rid of it and I hate that when we they only eat a piece a day the candy lasts until Valentines Day! So I have come up with a plan this year. (Insert devious laugh)

My son 8 loves Lego so I proposed that he can have a new Lego building book that comes with 2 projects IF he gives away all his candy. He will be allowed to eat a bit on Halloween night and keep 10 pieces of his favourite candy.

My daughter is 14 and this year is her last year trick or treating. She likes to save money more than getting things so I offered her the same deal as my son only she can have cash.

I was shocked at how fast they both agreed to the deal! Hopefully it all works out on Halloween night. Does anyone know if the food bank takes candy?

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