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3/27/13 7:32 P

If they were able to make them actually work like that, I doubt the data would actually be on the device. It would most likely be stored on someone's server and the device would just access it.

Obviously, it would need some serious protection.

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3/27/13 3:25 P

It seems like science fiction KJ, just like Star Trek emoticon
I still don't have a smart phone, definitely not ready for something like that!

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3/27/13 1:44 P

Carrying any one device that has all too much personal info on it is dangerous.
Imagine losing your laptop ...hopefully it's at least password protected.
and if you don't practice good're in for a wild ride.
And as soon as someone comes up with some kind of failsafe security,
someone else figures out a way to get access.
not a good idea.

3/27/13 1:22 P

The article talks about one aspect of the ePlate but what if it could do more?

What if the ePlate could everything you need access to? Use it like smart phone but it's way thinner, use it for ID because it emits a small electrical charge that has a bio readout for whoever is checking it. Your criminal clearance papers, your valid driver's license, citizenship status, a sample of your DNA readout, in it?

It'd be the size of a standard credit card but maybe just a bit thicker. maybe it can only operate so long at it recognizes your vitals as you and won't work if another person is holding it so no one else can use it, maybe even send a signal with a GPS tracker of the person who stole it so long as they have it in their possesion or they held it long enough for the ePlate to retain THEIR DNA vitals.


...are you ready for this?

I use to remember thinking that Star Trek's communicators were never gonna be possible.

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