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8/6/12 6:12 P


Hope this link helps

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8/6/12 3:38 P

They are like proteins I think. You would have to check the labels as they are all different. I am on a high protein diet (dr order).

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8/6/12 3:35 P

They are supposed to be excellent for muscle recovery...but I have a question. Are amino acids a protein? or are they just found in proteins. I ask because I am limited in amount of protein I can have and wonder if supplements contain protein.

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8/6/12 1:13 P

Im putting this under fitness because it has totally wiped out my soreness!! I ran 16 miles on saturday. I have been taking my amino acids and I am not sore!!!! Only a tiny bit... Im not even walking funny.

Have you take these before? what was your experience?

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