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5/1/13 5:55 P

I stay away from the flavored ones because they have a horribly high amount of sugar. I have a hard time eating the plain on its own, so I need to stir in a bit of honey and a little bit of mashed fresh fruit. My biggest use I get out of it, like others have mentioned, is using it in place of sour cream. It's also great in Greek food and on pierogies!

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5/1/13 5:29 P

I don't really like Greek yogurt either. It just seems way too thick too me. I prefer the regular stuff, with fresh fruit.

I also don't like bananas and don't consider spaghetti squash any kind of substitute for the real thing.

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5/1/13 2:01 P

I love Greek yogurt, but I don't like store bought yogurt.

Store bought yogurt with added fruit/flavors/sugar has never appealed to me. It wasn't until I started making homemade yogurt that I began eating it on a regular basis. I make full fat yogurt at home, and then strain it if I want it thick like Greek yogurt. Since my family and I like tart yogurt, I let it incubate for 12-24 hours. Yum!

I eat it every day almost! I add some fruit and stevia and it is so much better than yogurt from the store! If I am travelling, and I can't have my homemade yogurt, I will eat store bought, full fat, plain Greek yogurt and and add fruit and stevia. It doesn't have the same tart flavor, but it is ok.

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SPOORK Posts: 1,193
4/30/13 7:44 P

I hate it.

4/30/13 6:37 P

I'm not that crazy about Greek yogurt, but it beats the plastic-textured "yogurt" that goes under the name of YoPlait. For yogurt I like goat yogurt, or Stoneyhill plain yogurt (I add my own fruits when I want them), or the yogurt from a local nearby dairy.

Now for a really bad texture experience -- cottage cheese. It's fine when it is cooked into something, but cold on a salad plate -- shudder!!!

PS: I agree with BUNNYKICKS about the fat free yogurt. I'm not sure I want to be ingesting whatever they use to emulsify it. There's enough crud in our food already that where I can make choices, I will eliminate that sort of thing.

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4/30/13 5:32 P

Not alone at all. I think all yogurt is revolting. It's a texture thing and a smell thing. Just can't do it. I can use it in recipes, but on it's own in any form... NOPE.

Lots of other ways to get the health benefits, though. emoticon

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4/30/13 3:13 P

I only like strawberry, raspberry, and mango, where there's a lot of the fruit at the bottom. If there isn't a lot of fruit at the bottom, when I mix it up to me it still tastes plain and sour. I can't eat plain Greek yogurt, ughhh

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4/30/13 2:13 P

Greek yogurt tastes like someone puked in my mouth, no joke. emoticon

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4/30/13 12:43 P

I don't like yogurt at all, except the yasso frozen greek yogurt. 80 calories apiece, but expensive - $3.99 for 4.

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4/30/13 12:22 P

It took me a while to find the right mix for me to eat it. my NEW favorite flavor is the oikos caffe latte. Tastes like an expresso cheesecake my husband made.
But There are other foods I just don't like. SO we all have our tastes we can't make someone like a food. Only suggest to try it different ways. Like others said you can use the plain non fat in place of sour cream for tacos, baked potatos, chicken enchiladas, even CHEESECAKE!!


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LOTUS737 Posts: 2,033
4/30/13 11:07 A

i certainly prefer some brands to others- i tend to find the fruity ones quite sweet, but i do like chobani and oikos and use both their flavored and plain non fat yogurts- plain but also as replacements for sour cream/mayo/even fat in baked goods!

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/30/13 9:29 A

nope, and since I don't do dairy, I don't do any yougurts.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,028
4/30/13 9:13 A

I believe Fage 0% plain Greek Yogurt is the best choice as it is not loaded with sugar or imitation fruit. I use berries to sweeten as they have the least impact on blood sugar. If you want the sweet try the Fage with the honey cup attached. Tastes like a carmel sundae to me.

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4/29/13 7:31 P

I like Greek yogurt may sound funny but it takes the place of ice cream taste for me and helps me stay on track

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,393
4/29/13 6:44 P

I like any type of yogurt that does not contain gelatin. I don't care if it's super-thick greek style or the runny organic stuff I usually buy - just so long as it is gelatin-free. Oh, and it can't be fat-free, either, because they always put some weird emulsifying/thickening agent in fat-free yogurt, and I dislike that, too. Oh, and I only like plain (flavoured stuff is too sweet).

In other words, yogurt - shop around! You may find one particular brand or "style" that suits your tastes. I really do love my yogurt, but despite loving yogurt, I am very picky about exactly which brands are worthy of my love.

And if you find that you just really don't like any of it? That's ok too! Lots of other ways to get your protein!

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4/29/13 5:42 P

It's your personal taste pallet. I can't stand peas. You don't like greek yoghurt. That's fine, you don't have to eat it. If you want to because of protein or some such, just find a different protein source, it isn't the only one.

If you want to eat it, for whatever your reasons are, but just can't get past the taste, try making a smoothie out of it. A few ounces of greek yoghurt, a cup or two of fresh spinach leaves, half of a cucumber or two celery stalks, add some fruit or berries (I personally love strawberries and an apple). If it's a little too bitter, add just a touch of honey, and a teaspoon of virgin olive oil and top off with a bit of milk or water just enough to make it a nice liquid in the blender.

If you don't like greek yoghurt, though, you aren't required to make it part of your diet, no matter how much some people sing it's praises. Maybe it's just not the thing for you.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,804)
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4/29/13 5:09 P

I don't like it by itself. I do have some every morning for breakfast, plain, mixed with a cut up apple, granola, and cinnamon. I also use it in cooking in place of heavy cream/sour cream in some dishes. By itself though, it's just not my thing.

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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
4/29/13 5:06 P

I'm a big fan of Greek yogurt! I especially like Fage - the consistency is perfect and the fruit being in it's own little pocket keeps the yogurt from getting all watery and runny.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that doesn't like bananas though! I wish I did, they're packed with nutrients and are great on the go! I just emoticon

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4/29/13 5:00 P

Think offal. Think Lamb's Fry or Kidneys, or Sheep's Brain - some people love them; some people hate them; and others don't care either way. The same goes with Greek Yoghurt.


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4/29/13 4:59 P

Nope Michelle, you are not alone. I am not a fan of greek yogurt on its own. I like it in hummus and I think it is great for replacing sour cream in recipes. I don't find it pleasing when mixed with fruits or anything sweet.

VIKINGSMOMDE SparkPoints: (27,141)
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4/29/13 4:42 P

Nope, you're not the only one! I don't care for Greek yogurt at all. I think I've tried most brands and flavor combinations.

I also don't care for brussel sprouts, chia seeds, spaghetti squash, kale, soy milk, and edamame... yikes, glad I'm on SP; I'd be eaten alive on other sites for admitting such things!

I do adore tofu so perhaps that redeems me somewhat. Oh, and I happily eat sardines, which puts me in an entirely different group lol

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (153,244)
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4/29/13 4:40 P

I find the Chobani unflavored ones a bit strong for my taste, but the fruit ones are delicious. Have you tried adding a bit of honey or fresh fruit?

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,607
4/29/13 4:35 P

i love greek yogurt


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4/29/13 4:20 P

Greek Yogurt? I can just barely eat the one with pineapple on the bottom. Am I the only one?


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