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5/17/13 10:05 A

Are you eating enough throughout the day? Are you staying hydrated? How is your iron intake? If you think you're iron level may be low, ask your doctor to test your iron level. After about 9 months of trying to lose weight and about a month into working out, I started to feel sluggish and hard a hard time completing my workouts. I am a platelet donor and I struggled to keep my iron level at the level they needed. One day when I went in it was really, really low (like 10.8). They suggested an iron tablet in addition to eating more peanut butter and raisins. I did that and went back a few days later and it was even lower. So, I took the next week and took one iron tablet a day. That helped a lot. When I went to the doctor about a month and a half later, I told her about it. She said I could have diet induced anemia. She took some blood, tested it and then told me to take iron tablets. Iron deficiency may not be an issue but it can definitely make you feel tired/sluggish.

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5/16/13 4:21 P

In addition to what others have suggested, you may want to make sure you eat something with complex carbs before your walk. Ie: a little oatmeal or a small fruit smoothie (like no more than a cup). Your body needs that energy to get going and if you don't eat something before your workout, you may experience a lot of tiredness after. Just make sure you give yourself some time to digest it before heading out (you don't want stomach cramps on top of everything!)

I experienced the same thing this weekend when I did a seven-mile walk/jog. While I did have something before (a cup of Naked juice) it definitely wasn't enough because after my seven miles I just wanted to sleep the rest of the day. If I'd had a little more nutrition before, I'd have felt less tired.

If you're dog tired at night, though, that's a good thing. It'll help you sleep better, and I'm typically feeling that way in the evenings after a good workout earlier in the day.

Overall, though, exercise should leave you feeling alert and energized for at least a few hours after - not like you want to crawl back into bed immediately. I think the only exception to this is if you're pushing really hard and it's new to you. Your body's going to be a bit shocked at first.

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5/16/13 2:19 P

Generally speaking, probably not; make sure you are getting enough food to support your energy needs. 6 may be enough in the past, but you're exercising now. Try getting 7-8 and see if that helps.

How many calories a day are you eating, and what is your calorie range?

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5/16/13 2:07 P

Yes it does get better, I have multiple medical issues on top of being very very heavy. My doc finally said the best thing is to go slow and get a routine.
Sounds like you have the routine just take it easy on yourself. If exercise wasnt part of your daily routine prior it can be a big shock to the system. I do everyother day and that seems to work best for me... it keeps me going yet out of the ouch I cant move stages.

TG you have your boyfriend who is willing to work with you - going it alone is hard. Keep Up The Great Work and yes it will get eassier!!! Make sure you have your current distance down before moving onto faster &/or longer trips.

Great Job!!!!

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5/16/13 1:59 P

If you've added a new physical activity, a reasonable amount of tiredness is to be expected, until your body adjusts to the new routine.
If you're so tired that you can't get through your day, then maybe it is too much, too soon.
Best wishes,
emoticon Sadaparibhuta

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5/16/13 1:26 P

If you were sedentary before and then jumped right into walking every day, that might be too much too soon. Perhaps try the walking every other day, and then on the off days do some marching in place in front of the TV, some seated exercises (I think you can find them on the web) or some upper body exercises with some light dumbbells or even soup cans. You do need to ease into it to avoid injury and burnout.

Also, are you tracking your food? Diet is the most important factor in weight loss; exercise makes us fit and healthy.

You've made a wonderful start....keep it up!!!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/16/13 11:14 A

How are you eating? I didn't track your calories, but if you are eating too little, or not enough carbs, you can feel a little lethargic as well.

Also, give yourself some time. You are making changes and you could be a little tired for a while.

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5/16/13 8:37 A

Are you walking every day? How long do you walk? Is it possible you're doing a little too much, too soon? That could be one reason you're feeling more tired than expected.

Coach Jen

5/16/13 7:31 A

Been getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night. In the past 6 was plenty. I take extra naps on the weekends. Gets quiet with my boyfriend sleeping during the day.

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5/16/13 6:56 A

how much sleep are you getting per night?

5/16/13 6:53 A

I started adding exercise to my morning routine almost 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend wakes me up and we walk. Not too far because I can't handle distances yet.

The problem is, especially this week, I'm sooooo tired. It gets a little better later in the day but I am tired all day.

Is this normal? If so how long will I feel like this? If it wasn't for my boyfriend telling me its time to walk in the morning I don't think I could bring myself to go.

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