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It sounds like you've totally got a handle on a healthy way to lose weight!

Don't forget exercise! Exercise isn't a magical way to lose weight, but it helps you keep a fit and healthy body and helps with your daily deficit so that you don't have to eat as low as you otherwise would to meet the same deficit.

Also, consider your current weight and whether 1200-1550 is actually right for you. That is the minimum any female should be eating, so if you're overweight, even slightly active, or your body isn't capable of losing 2lb/week, then you need to be closer to 1500 than 1200 daily.

"Less is more" isn't right for weight loss. Lots of people are surprised to find they lose more on 1500 than they do on 1200. :)

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I need help! So I am trying to develop a meal plan for the next month! And I need some major help!

I go to school full time, have classes MWF from 10AM until 2PM (depending on the day with or with out independent study courses.) I am going to be creating a meal plan that will last me from January through February if not into March. I have no idea where to begin... I believe I have all the pieces.

*1200-1550 calories per day
*3 meals a day plus one snack
*Lots of water
*Every meal should consists of a lean protein, carbohydrate, small amount of fat or if I choose a "non-lean" protein I don't add the fat.
*Drink lots of water
*Make the meals my favorite foods so I enjoy them
*Find substitutes that work for the foods I don't like

From there pick the days that I want certain foods, make a recipe guide, a grocery list and go buy the food and stick to the plan!

Is that all I need or am I missing something? Also any extra advice or tips would be GREAT!

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