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They don't compare, they are two different ways of doing things.

I did Atkins, and admit Induction is hard, However, if you read the book, Induction is only necessary for 2 reasons. 1 ) to prove that you can lose weight, by doing it rapidly and 2 ) to break any addictions/trigger you may have.

If you accept that weight loss is possible on low carb, and.or weight loss isn't your primary goal ( meaning you won't quit because of slow weight loss ), and you don't feel you can't stick to the diet because of cravings, then it is not necessary.

I had to do Induction, because I craved carbs, mostly Pepsi, and ice cream. If you can stick to the basics of the diet with no hunger/cravings, then why not start at 40 g, and give it 2 weeks, then add 5 grams every 2 weeks till you stop losing weight or blood sugars start to spike again.

Eat your meats, fats, and get your carbs from vegetables. Choose low glycemic vegetables. Most greens apply, and DANDR has a complete list of whats okay. The types of vegetables are plentiful. Eat lots, and evenutally add in fruit ( carefully ), and cheese, legumes etc. climbing the carb ladder.

I got off all my diabetic meds with 1 year, and my A1C is 5.3 today, 3 years later. I now eat 100g of carbs daily, with about 25 from fiber. When I say eat 40 g, I mean 40 net grams of carbs, so don't count the fiber. You may get 55 grams, and 15 is fiber. Aim for high fiber foods, so you do not get constipated, like raspberries, and green beans ( later I added kidney beans ). Another worry is your headaches. I found that Atkins has a diuretic effect, so I drank more water, and headaches stopped. Dehydration can cause this whether you are on Atkins, or eating ho-ho's.

Last of all watch out for low blood sugars. When I started, I ate 6 eggs for breakfast,a can of green beans and 12 chicken thighs on day 1. I was averaging 300 morning blood sugars, but on day 2, my fasting blood sugar was 90. Make sure that you have some of those carbs at each meal.Have a veggie omelette, or some slices of tomato with fish for lunch, with a small side salad. Have a chicken stir fry for supper, just hold the rice.

Make sure that you are watching blood sugars, and have something available to eat if you do get a low blood sugar. Be very careful.

If on the other hand, you decide to go with SP, I would just suggest that you eat clean carbs, and avoid processed food. If you can control your blood sugars this way, then it is certainly easier. Low carb is much harder for diabetics, because of the risk that it is too effective. I was on the diabetic diet for 7 years, and never had an idea of what low blood sugar even meant. Low blood sugar sounded like what I Of course, I couldn't stick to the diabetic diet, because of the cravings, and binges, so I can not testify to the quality of it in controlling blood sugars.

We do have diabetes teams, and before making this decision, it might be a good idea to see who is controlling their blood sugars, and what the are doing to make it possible. SP will have more support for you as a diabetic on their diet, because few peopl manage their diabetes with low carb, and you have to find these people among low carbers. It is easier to find a diabetic on a diabetic team, right? lol.

I really don't think that was a good promotion of low carb...lmao, but I do think it can have benefits. In my personal experience, it worked very well, but I had to be very careful. I just want you to be warned that you may get a large drop in blood sugars within hours, so check blood sugars more often till you find out how it effects you. At this point, it is obligatory that I say I hope you talked this over with your doctor. Even if they disagree with low carb ( probable ), they can inform you of concerns, an things to look out for. I could easily have missed something.

If I had to make a suggestion, I would say try SP pre-diabetes diet and see if it is enough to drop blood sugars. Give it a few weeks, and see if it works. Why do low carb, if you don't have to? If you do choose low carb, just skip Induction, and be diligent with checking blood sugars, and eating some carbs at every meal. Also read DANDR at this point, if you haven't. If you are going to follow a plan, best to know it. Skip the chapter on Induction, and go directly to OWL.

Be safe. Hope you get those blood sugars under control

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I think you may find you do better and are happier on a more "balanced" plan.
Is your SP calorie range 1200-1550?
If so then stick to the lower end of your carb range---about 135 grams daily. Use those healthy carbs to: lowfat milk, yogurt, fruit, beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains, lima beans, etc.

This would be very appropriate for pre-diabetes.

SP Registered Dietitian

PS...this link will take you to our pre-diabetes center, for additional resources, meal plans, etc

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Worried because I am prediabetic abs Atkins restricts carbs to 20 grams a day in their starter phase...ridiculously low I think but it works for those able to do it...few years ago tried starting that diet and failed due to headaches from severe carb restriction....anyone tried that before, how does Atkins compare to he spark diet for prediabetes people?

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