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5/2/14 7:40 P

I can't imagine how you get through your workouts on such a small calorie intake. I eat 1300-1600 calories and burn about 2100 per day, and if I went any lower I wouldn't have enough energy to exercise. Definitely bump up your calories a little.

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5/2/14 6:15 P

women should never go below 1200 calories, the body still thinks you are starving it. so be careful not to drop below. i am doing 1200 to 1350 and i do a lot of moving so i am having the same problem. lost 14 inches around the mid section but weight stays still. building a lot of muscle i guess. lol

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5/2/14 5:53 P

I started getting serious about exercise and immediately stopped losing weight, even though I was eating in the same calorie range. After almost a month without losing, I measured myself and found I had lost inches all over, even though the weight did not appear to be moving. Once I upped my calories by a couple hundred a day, I started losing again. It seems counter-intuitive, but your body really does try to hold on to your fat if you do not feed it enough.

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5/2/14 2:14 P

EELPIE...sometimes I wish I had a piece of chocolate cake LOL emoticon I get what you are saying. I have never had a problem eating enough...this is new territory.

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5/2/14 11:57 A

" I find myself getting pretty hungry between lunch and dinner even with a snack."

There it is in a nutshell. Eat. It's your body's way of telling you that it needs more...which is completely different than "I wish I had a piece of chocolate cake".

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5/2/14 9:33 A

Thank you for the responses! This certainly does help. I am female and looking to lose about 45 more pounds. I have lost 26 so far, not all tracked here. I am eating healthy foods, not eating potato chips and the like except for the occational treat and I do track that as well. I'm mostly eating fresh vegetables and lean meats with some whole grains, but I probably need to increase my protein intake. I find myself getting pretty hungry between lunch and dinner even with a snack. I may look at increasing my intake during my afternoon snack.

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5/2/14 8:52 A

You have the tracker set to adjust your calories according to how much exercise you've done (over and above "just existing" and normal daily activities); that's why it keeps changing. If you find that annoying and hard to deal with, it is possible to modify the tracker to give you an average daily calorie range based on estimates of how much exercise you will do overall. I don't know how to set that up myself, but I'm certain someone will come along to explain it if you indicate that's what you'd like to see.

Assuming that your exercise for the week is such that, on average, you are burning a total of about 2300 calories a day -- and further assuming that you are female -- then you are eating too little for your activity level. 2300-1000 (the deficit needed for a loss of 2 pounds per week) is 1300, and you're mostly not getting that. Further, the bare minimum in calories that a normal woman can take in and still get all of the required nutrients is about 1200, and you're not averaging that high, either.

I don't know what it is metabolically that does it, but the type of problem expressed in your post -- bare-minimum calories or lower, plus substantial exercise, plus little to no weight loss -- seems to come up here infinitely more often than does the reverse -- moderate calories, with no exercise, and little to no weight loss. It might not be just chance; you may actually be stressing your body too much.

When I came here, I set up my tracker for a more moderate loss of just one pound per week, doing a comparable amount of exercise daily, and was given a range of something like 1500-1800. So best I can tell (as I've never tracked, just done the occasional spot check), I stayed within that range, but actually lost closer to 1.5 pounds weekly. I could not imagine having tried to stay 500 calories below that in search of that elusive last half pound; I don't think it would have been good for me.

So please consider eating a bit more, maybe around 1500 to begin with, so that you can meet your nutrient needs and give your body enough energy to maintain that level of healthy exercise over the longer term without rebelling on you, whether sooner or later. There would be nothing whatsoever wrong with then cutting that by a couple hundred calories daily in a month or so if you're not getting the desired results. But you well might, and either way you won't be setting yourself up for trouble like you're doing now.

Finally -- the other commonality I've noticed among people who come here eating not-so-many calories and exercising, yet not losing weight, is that many of them are getting a substantial fraction of their not-so-many calories from "empty" sources. If that happens to be true for you, then improving the nutrient profile of what you're eating may also be helpful to your weight loss efforts. I'm not too huge on the whole "eat THIS or you won't lose weight/don't eat THAT or you won't lose weight" idea, but on some level it's undeniable that it takes a few more calories for your body to work through a big bowl of salad than it does to digest a handful of potato chips. So if that applies, maybe give it a look.

Good luck!

5/2/14 8:36 A

So your total energy expenditure for the day is about 2300.
And you are eating about 1000-1300
So you are at a daily deficit of 1000-1300 daily.

I assume you are female, average height, and how many pounds is your weight loss goal?
This is very aggressive (probably too aggressive) for a healthy weight loss plan.

Yes, you need to eat more. Aim for 1400-1550 calories "every" day---see how you feel, your energy, and your weight loss. Make sure those calories are coming from nutrient rich foods too.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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5/2/14 8:20 A

I'm running most mornings and walking at lunch, strength training 3 days a week. But I'm up and about throughout the day. I've only hit 2500 calories burned for the day a couple of times. Now that's all calories burned including just calories burned from just exsisting :) I am confused with what it says on what my intake should be as it changes thru the day as my activity levels go up. At the end of the day I am still showing that I need to consume about 1000 more calories for the day even after eating 1200. I don't want to take in that many calories at the end of the day.

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5/1/14 11:24 P

What are you doing to burn 2500 calories/day?

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5/1/14 10:15 P

"Am I taking in enough calories?"


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5/1/14 10:01 P


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5/1/14 9:51 P

A *sedentary* woman needs to eat at least 1200 calories per day. So if you're working out that much, you need to be taking in a lot more than that. What does SP tell you if you put in your info?

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5/1/14 9:42 P

I don't think so. What's your calorie range on Spark? It sounds like you are starving yourself.

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5/1/14 9:11 P

I'm taking in around 1000-1300 calories a day, and I'm burning about 2000-2500. I haven't lost any weight for about 2 weeks. Am I taking in enough calories?

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