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MRSOLIVER455 Posts: 801
12/22/12 10:20 P

I plan to add Strength training in, I just didn't want to overwhelm myself the first week or two. I am one to get so overwhelmed if I try to do too much too fast. Thanks for your help though. :) I appreciate any advice I can get!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/22/12 9:56 P

If you update your fitness goals your range may not change at all. It is a standard message that shows if you are burning more than you said you would. If it does change it is probably going to me minimal, so your range will be similar.

12/22/12 7:05 P

This has nothing to do with your nutrition or caloric intake, it relates to your fitness programme. If all you are doing is steady state cardio you are not only burning fat you are also wasting muscle since the body finds the easiest source to change into energy and that is protein. If you want to prevent becoming what is called "skinny fat" I suggest you make strength training your primary form of exercise since the research ranks it ahead of cardio for fat reduction. The benefits of a strength training programme are much greater than those of cardio in addition to its primacy on fat reduction.

Three full body and compound movement exercises done for thirty minutes three alternate days a week combined with the same amount of cardio on non strength training days will get you to your goal. Yoga is flexibility training not strength training and a strength training programme will improve your ability to do yoga.

MRSOLIVER455 Posts: 801
12/22/12 6:54 P

Thanks! I was just very confused as to what I was doing wrong.

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12/22/12 5:55 P


You will receive the prompt if your calories burn goal is far less than what is listed on your Start Page. We do recommend that you update your calories burn goal to better reflect the calories you are expending, but know that there are many other factors that come into play when your calorie range is set, so you may not see a change in your calorie range based on your new data.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

MRSOLIVER455 Posts: 801
12/22/12 5:47 P

When I go to track my work out, it says something along the lines of I am not eating enough for how much I am exercising. I am eating some where between 1200-1500 calories a day. I am doing 45 minutes of cardio three days a week and ten to fifteen minutes of yoga every day. I don't see how that is too much. I am so confused, Im not under eating by any means, I'm not exercising for hours, and I feel fine

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