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3/19/14 5:37 P

As NIRERIN said, the sugars that come from fruits, milk, dairy, and the like, are the best kinds of sugar, they're natural sugars. Our bodies synthesize these sugars differently than the artificial sugars that are pumped into cookies, processed sweets, etc. So while yes it is good to be conscious of how much sugar you're intaking, getting it from naturally sweet, nutrient rich products is much better! Smoothie away, I say!

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3/19/14 4:08 P

I would recommend measuring your fruit. I add 1 Cup fruit and 1 Cup veggie. Also, I use unsweetened almond milk as opposed to regular milk or yogurt. I stay pretty low on the sugars using this formula.

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3/14/14 8:30 A

if you're having any other type of junky carb, cut there before you cut carbs from fruit. i mean, is your diet really at a state where the sugar in this smoothie is all you are getting in a day?
a lot of people tend to put focus on the food that puts you over [the straw that breaks the camel's back if you will] rather than all the foods that got you to the place where that one good thing was the tipping point. making the pile underneath smaller and having the good tipping food is the best plan imo.
unless you're diabetic or you're having other issues i wouldn't worry about your smoothie having a bit of sugar in it. it's all coming from the fruit, milk and yogurt [though make sure you are choosing a yogurt without added sugar] and those are all the best kinds of sugar to have [they come with protein and fiber]. if you are diabetic you'll need to pay attention to portion size and timing. but in general having some strawberries isn't quite the same as having strawberry jolly ranchers, even if the sugars are the same.

3/13/14 9:48 P

How many servings of fruit are you having a day?
Are you within your SP calorie and carbohydrate ranges?

your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/13/14 7:01 P

The thing I like about the Ninja is the portion control when I use the individual blender cups. I used to make my smoothies in a full-sized blender, and I always over estimated portions and ended up drinking more than I should (day-old smoothies just don't do it for me). Now, by the time I add a cup of greens, 1Tbsp of chia and 1/2 cup of yogurt, there is only enough room for about 1/2 cup of frozen fruit. I often use green tea instead of milks, to keep the calories and sugar down as well. My smoothies end up around 200 calories with only around 20g carbs.

3/13/14 5:02 P

Hi. I am trying to do smoothies (including green) but have one concern. Am I going to get too much sugar in my system? I know sugar is a big problem in obesity and I do not want to derail my continued weight loss. I just got a Ninja so I'm doing the whole fruit & veggie, including pith & peel in most instances. Just no seeds & cores. I do add protein powders, greek yogurts, milks, and flaxseeds.

I just worry about getting too much sugar. I know fruit is good for you, but the body has a limit. And I want continued weight loss. Sometimes I think maybe I'm misinformed.

Thanks for the feedback.

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