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11/7/11 12:50 P

P90, thanks so much for the advice. That's exactly what I am going to do.

P90XING Posts: 11
11/6/11 9:16 P

You're already burning more than 750 calories if doing 30 mins of cardio and ST.... Everybody is different, and even subtracting 500 calories from your diet and burning 500 calories a day might not result in 2 pounds lost. If you want to lose more then up the workouts by 15 minutes a day on cardio days. You don't want to work out too much. I hit a plateau from exercising too much just to maintain, and now to lose I have had to step up the intensity and variety. Weight loss is 100% diet and 100% fitness.

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11/4/11 1:32 P

Thanks for the info. However, Berry, I do not agree with your statement of 30 minutes of exercise = maintenance, since I've been only doing 30minutes per day and I've lost 11lbs in 12 weeks. Sooo I guess I know what I need to do..either up the minutes per day or eat at the lower range of my caloric intake.

Thanks all!

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11/3/11 6:55 P

Spark's calorie targets are based on how many minutes and days per week you say you are willing to work out each week when you set up your Exercise Goals.

Now if you think you can realistically work out more than this (and keep it up), then you should update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page), and Spark will come up with a new calorie burn target.

For most people, weight loss is 80% nutrition, and just 20% exercise. While there are definite health, fitness and weight loss advantages to working out, you don't have to burn huge numbers of exercise calories to lose weight.


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11/3/11 5:40 P

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As depends on YOUR goals.

Remember: it is exercise for fitness & healthy diet for losing weight.

I've also seen it suggested that spending 30 min per day in active motion / movement /strength training (most days of the week) is good for maintenance. More time would need to be allotted if exercise is used to burn extra calories.

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11/3/11 4:07 P

Thanks for the response. I've been at it consistantly since July 25th 2011.
I just passed my 3 month mark, and I'm down 11lbs.

I do strength training (circuit training type with heavy weights) 3x per week, and cardio 3x per week.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/3/11 4:03 P

Do an amount and type of exercise you are comfortable with. If it burns more calories, awesome, change your calories burned goal. I don't know how long you've been at this, but if you push too hard, too fast, you are more likely to burn out. Also, make sure you are doing ST as well as cardio. You can't really log calories burned there, but it is just as important as cardio to your overall weight loss.

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11/3/11 3:45 P

After inputting my goals into Sparks I was given a Calories Burned goal of 730 per week. This does not seem like a lot to me at all! Or even enough. I'm losing .5-1 per week, but I think I could lose more. Everyone seems to be burning more calories than me :) Should I ignore this number? change my goals!? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

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