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4/29/11 10:13 P

Put up your nutrition page.. Quality of calories and over exercising can create a un-natural hunger.. People can only guess why your hungry..

BAW29640 Posts: 214
4/29/11 9:31 P

Instead of eating 3 big meals, I eat more like 6 or 7 smaller meals or snacks a day. That works great for me, curbs my hunger, and it helped me make the mind set to eating smaller portion sizes of things.

I try to eat stuff with more protein and fiber if I'm not feeling full. In the beginning, I found that foods that gave me some crunch and a lot of repetitive action for low calories would low calorie popcorn, cereal, veggie straws, or vegetables.

Also, when I took up running and started going further distances, I re-evaluated my exercise plan and let my calories recalculate, as you have to refuel after big activities. I noticed I was feeling hungrier, and I also seemed to have plateaued in my weight loss for a bit...then when I upped my calorie range, things clicked into place for me.

I think if you are new to Sparking, it is one of things that you adjust to and feel better about with time. Sometimes I still have "hungry" days and I just accept it and when I feel really desperate I eat a few more calories than my plan says to. Then I try to get back on track the next day.

Also, one last thing: I often stop and question myself about why I feel hungry or the need to eat. Am I really hungry, or am I instead just feeling bored, frustrated, stressed, impulsive, etc.? Do I really need to eat something out of hunger, or is this a mental/emotional feeling?

I guess it is hard to know and probably different for everyone. Keep making changes to what and when you eat, until you start feeling more satisfied. Hang in there! Don't give up!

4/29/11 9:00 P

You may have to readjust something(s) for yourself.

For example, are you perhaps eating lots of carbs? That's usually a wide range...maybe bring your daily count to a lower range? Or that may apply to fats also.

Are you spacing your meals? Some Spark people will eat a lighter breakfast, then have their piece of fruit late morning. Then lunch...saving "dessert" for mid-late afternoon. Then dinner...again saving a "dessert" for early evening.

Perhaps your hunger is "head" hunger? Just being in the habit of eating? maybe eat 3 cups of light popcorn...taking one piece of popcorn at a time and just enjoying it lasting a long time.

I like to have a tsp.-to-TBL of peanut butter right off the spoon as a treat. I take my time with helps me drink LOTS of water between "licks", and really satisfies my hunger.

Anyway, perhaps you just need to re-adjust, and find what's best for you. Read some of the hundreds of blogs available every day...there are lots of "tricks" and "hints" that people may find something just right for you.

BEST OF LUCK! Just one more thing..DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

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4/29/11 8:55 P

Maybe your guidelines are too low. You might also slowly go from what you were eating to the amount you should eat. I have found since adding a bit more protein to my diet, hunger is not normally a problem. I did slowly lower my calorie intake over a period of time (I think it was 10 days) so my body could adjust.

MAGICKZZL Posts: 133
4/29/11 8:50 P

How do you deal with constant hunger? Im following my guidelines, eating enough calories, fat, protien carbs etc, to many of all usually... and yet Im still constantly hungry! And Im drinking my fliuds

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