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12/28/12 5:01 P

I can tell you from changing my diet recently and adding more protein and less carbs it has made a huge difference.....I am not hungry until my next meal..... the issue I now have is needless snacking if I have the food I have been keeping a journal and writing down when I start to eat out of habit.....40 years of bad habits are hard to break....

Good Luck I know you will master this.

URBANK9 Posts: 894
12/28/12 3:51 P

I have the same problem, it seems like I am always hungry when I am I end up snacking especially at night and then going over my calorie range. :(
The weird thing is when I am staying elsewhere I am less hungry and don't snack much at all, like if I am staying in a hotel or the last two weeks when I was staying with my brother for a visit, even though there were lots of snacks around.

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12/28/12 11:08 A

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm going to try switching out my oatmeal for eggs & egg whites for breakfast to get more protein and add in more high fiber foods. Once I get it so that I'm eating 30g or more of fiber everyday on average for a few days, I'll check back in and tell you all if it helps.

12/27/12 7:55 P

You need to stop processed food especially fructose... the more you eat the more you want to eat... instead eating some things high in nutrients.... swiss chard, spinach, kale, broccoli , these vegetables high in nutrients curb your appetite and have very little calories.

12/27/12 7:39 P

You have already been given some great advice.
To give more specific tips, we would need to see your Sparkpeople Nutrition Tracker. Do you want to make it public? Let me know if you need the steps.

AP Dietitian Becky

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12/27/12 5:55 P

erm, unless you have a medical condition that you didn't mention that you should be eating less fiber for, your fiber ranges should be 25-35 grams. so you have some room to eat more there. especially because you're pretty much good up to 50 g a day. so doubling your fiber would be the first thing i would suggest.

and as you increase your exercise, you should be eating more. if you want to regularly exercise more, make sure your calories burned number reflects what you actually do in a week and then your ranges will adjust for that.

third, you sometimes just have to find what works for you. if oatmeal and a banana isn't cutting it, you could try tweaking it or replacing it. to tweak it you could try
1. adding eggs. you could do a whole egg for the protein and fat, you could do just egg whites for the protein boost. but wither way you add the eggs as you cook the oatmeal.
2. nut butter. some people like stirring it in
3. pumpkin. same with the others, you stir it in as it is cooking.
or you could try to find something more substantial. my breakfast was mushroom barley risotto with kale and i ate at about 7:30 this morning and was good til 11. other people find omelets work for them. or yogurt and granola. or meat. or smoothies. everyone is a little different in what fills them up and for how long. start paying attention to how long your food keeps you for and start replacing the things that aren't cutting it.
what's in your chicken salad? does it have chicken and celery and peppers or apples and walnuts? are you having it plain? are you having it on two cups of mixed greens? are you having it in half a whole grain wrap? with a cup of greens? are you having it in a hollowed out pepper?
honestly, while i wouldn't eat anything you're using as an example [i hate oatmeal and bananas and won't eat poultry], when i think of the closest things i would eat, i wouldn't find that filling either. granted, i generally eat about eight times a day in snack sizes. but trying that might help you not get so hungry that you can't really get full. it kind of leaves you never super hungry but never really stuffed. i figure about 200 cals every 2 hours is what works for me. so if you plan to eat more frequently and smaller amounts it could balance out. or it could make you hungrier and eat more. but it may be worth a shot.
you may also want to look into starting every meal with a salad or soup. for soups, look for something with veggies and/or beans and broth based. the weight watchers free soup and the cabbage soup diet soup work well here. but have a cup to start each meal so that it takes you longer to digest your actual entree portion of the meal.
if you want a burger, how about you try a chili instead? you can get your ground beef, but you can bulk it up with beans and vegetables [it's easy to shred up things like carrots, celery, onion, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, squash for added bulk and nutrition] and get a little closer to where you want to be.

the other thing that strikes me is that your mornings seem to be really low in fat. and fat helps you feel full.

also if you want better suggestions, sharing your tracker or including quantities and more extensive menus will get you better results.

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12/27/12 5:45 P

My best suggestion is to eat more protein - you should always eat some protein with a carb, so for breakfast add some nuts to your oatmeal. You should also make sure you are eating plenty of healthy fats - olive oil, coconut oil, avocadoes, etc. - fats and protein will help keep you satisfied longer. If you have an apple for a snack, make sure you eat some protein with it - nut butter or nuts of some sort. Avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague - they only make you hungrier. Eat REAL food - no prepackaged junk. If it wasn't food 100 years ago, it's not food now! And you can have a cheeseburger - just make it yourself with lean hamburger and good quality cheese but no bun and obviously no french fries! Good luck.

12/27/12 5:23 P

On 1400-1500 calories a day how much are you hoping to loose per week? I've been on 1700-1800 since March and the weight has very slowly, but steadily been dropping off at just under a pound a week. I feel like I've found a range that I can stick with long term, so hopefully the weight won't come back when I've lost it all. I know full well that I wouldn't be able to keep to your range, however, eating this much means that I do need to exercise quite a lot - but then I've got the energy to do it!
I hope this helps or at least provides something to think about.

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12/27/12 4:58 P

Thanks for the advice MPLANE, I am trying to stay between 1400-1500 calories per day, but I often get up to 1800 or 2000 (which is no weight loss at all) because I can't subdue my appetite. I have already completed three of my baby step goals:
1 - I drink mostly pure water and rarely drink soda (like maybe once a week I'll have one serving)
2 - I traded in junk food snacks (chips and candy bars) for fresh fruits (banana's, apples and berries), greek yogurts and small servings of nuts.
3 - I get up and walk for 3-5 minutes every hour at work (I have an office job and I we had a fitness expert come in and do a seminar one day, she said that getting up once an hour was important for overall health)

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12/27/12 4:33 P

Some thoughts...
- Are you trying to eat within your caloric range and you have put in a very aggressive fat loss schedule in your SP program? You need to think in terms of years, rather than weeks to lose the fat permanently.
- As you have already found out, supplements to lose weight will work temporarily. If you want to lose the fat permanently, you need to change your habits. Changing habits takes a lot of time.
- But work only on one habit at a time, otherwise there is a good chance that you will get overwhelmed by the stress caused by all that change. Replace your unhealthy habits one by one, not all at once.
- Work on your nutrition first, and once you progress sufficiently on that front, start working on your exercise. Right nutrition will go a very long way even without any exercise.
- When exercising, choose an exercise that you like, and don't overdo it; adjust the intensity so that you don't suffer during the exercise. Otherwise you will dread it and will soon drop out. Once you get used to exercising, you can look into getting fitter by increasing the intensity, but never increase the intensity right away from the first day.

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12/27/12 4:12 P

So my two biggest issues with trying to lose weight (and keep it off) is hunger and exercise. I know that I should exercise more, but when I do exercise, I just get even hungrier than normal, so I eat more which cancels out any calories I burned exercising. I was skinny until I had kids, couldn't lose the weight and was constantly hungry. I used Nutrisystem for about 3 months and lost 15 pounds, but I swear they put something in the food to curb your appetite. I couldn't afford it anymore, and have gained back all the weight. Using my tracker, I'm getting the proper amount of fiber (about 15-20g per day) and am drinking atleast 6 -8 cups of plain regular water every day (plus unsweetened tea). One day's example: So I'll eat say oatmeal and a banana for breakfast and an hour later I'm starving, so I eat greek yogurt and an apple or handful of nuts, still hungry. For lunch I'll eat a grilled chicken salad with a little bit of bacon for some fat or turkey sandwich on whole grain bread (say from subway) with low fat cheese and fruit. Still starving and it's only 1pm. This is where I start mentally breaking down and have to eat candy or something high cal just to keep me from going insane. I could handle it if I was just a little hungry but there are times when I get sweaty and light headed cause I'm so hungry. (Yes I've talked to my doctor, no I don't have any type of diabetes, she just says it's normal to be hungry when you're dieting). Snacks don't help, I need a freakin' cheeseburger!

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

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