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No Im not on any medications. Ive been seeing a counsellor for some time about an abusive ex husband and have made some real progress that has actually allowed me to start eating properly in the first place. I love the food that I am eating and am eating well and within my calorie range usually every two hours but I think the excercise coupled with improved mental health has lead to a change in mentality. I still ahve a sweet just about every day but am full easier and do not all...thats a huge change.

Im finding that by the time I eat all the fruits and veggies I am usually pretty full anyways and that creates a struggle with calories because I may be below but I am adapting my meal plan to fit (i.e. higher calorie meals because my intake went up with my exercise added in)

Ive been eating my feelings about a number of things for about five years (most sifnificantly so anyways) so this change is signficant. I didn't control my eating and would be a perpertual victim so to be in control is a real change. Im not starving. On the contrary. I don't think it is a medical problem....Im just astounded at the differences in my mind set that are allowing the changes in my body. For example...I am dealing with my ex now through a lawyer and therer were some waves yesterday but rather than having a big mac and fries I had a dips granola bar and by the time I was fniished all I could think was that it was too sweet.

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Hi STEF811 - Have you made sudden changes to your food intake and you aren't really interested in what you are choosing, or is this lack of interest include ANY food. IF the changes were sudden, then I suggest that you go back to what you were doing and gradually make the changes so that it isn't a shock to your system. IF, however, you loss of interest covers all food, then I suggest that you make an appointment with your Dr and explain what is going on. It may be that there is something medical which may be detected by getting checked and having bloods/urine checked.

Are you on any medication? (Sometimes some meds can suppress appetite.) If so, it may be worth your Dr reviewing them, because sometimes they can impact on us with appetite loss, just as they can impact on us with increased appetite.

Good luck,

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When you stop eating out of emotion and instead deal with those feelings you find that you really are not as hungry as you thought you were.

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So I have my calorie range and Ive been staying in it. I shoot for five veggies and five fruit per day...sometimes only four of each...the funny thing is...I don't want to eat...I plan my meals a week in advance and then adjust as the week goes on. I watch sodium, cholesterol, calories blah blah blah and I feel amazing except for the first time in my life...I don't want to eat...I look at what I have left today and Im like...ack...really....I know eventually I will be hungry but Im just not hungry...which for an emotional impressive...go figure

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