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12/13/13 9:41 A

@Rivet - you can re-set the articles. I got tired of 'points already awarded for reading this article' on just about every link I clicked in an email (and I didn't recall reading it), so I reset all the articles & quizzes

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
12/13/13 9:09 A

Yeah I've been finding that too lately - most of the articles I go to read it says I've already been awarded Sparkpoints - some back in 2011... Guess there's not much new material available this time of year

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/13/13 9:06 A

This happened to me when I got on early before they posted the new days emails and I was looking at yesterdays. Try again later in the morning. At the very top of the email it has the date.

SUNSHINE7980 Posts: 508
12/13/13 7:24 A

This may have been brought up before and I just couldn't find the thread, but has anyone else run across days where all of the emails they receive from Sparkpeople already had points claimed for them but they had just opened the emails up?

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