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KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,135
1/12/14 5:01 P

There's only one person in my life that is into health and wellness and she lives far from me so I come to Spark. I found it overwhelming at first but then I decided, just like my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey, take it in baby steps.

I started by getting active first, just extra walks and a few short spark people videos. While I got used to being more active, I logged all of the food ALL of it, the good, bad and the ugly. Then I reviewed my nutrition tracker to see my habits and where I could make some changes and reduce some portion sizes.

I read blogs to get inspiration. I post my activities in my status each day and write a blog every few days to keep myself accountable.... I post, therefore I do.

Take it slow and find what works for you. It's worth it!

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/11/14 5:53 P

No one else I know is trying to lose weight, either...that's why I come here to talk to people about it, listen to their stories, commiserate with them :)

I don't feel overwhelmed here, I just use what I need with this site. I've found the tools that work best for me here; tracker, favorites, message board, the occasional article.

I once dated a guy who was huge into Alcoholics Anonymous, so I learned a lot about that program through him. I use 2 of their mantras for Spark People.

You have to give it away to keep it.

It works if you work it.

But find the right balance for you (just like any "diet plan" has to be constructed for you).

I log on every morning for log on points, I use my nutritional tracker most days (by now I've got a lot of foods committed to memory - like today without even checking I know I'm at about 1300 calories). I come on the Message Board when I am bored (working from home right that's a lot of the time) and every once in a while I see an article that looks interesting.

Find what works for you, but make sure you work it!!!

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1/11/14 12:35 P

Yes no one in my life is slimming! You don't feel Overwhelmed with all this SPARKS

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/11/14 11:52 A

I'm not sure what you mean. Like no one in your life is also doing it, or you wish you had community friends here you can chat with?

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1/11/14 11:10 A

Does anyone feel alone when doing SPARKS? Just Curious emoticon emoticon

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