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SIMPLYME160 SparkPoints: (1,834)
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Posts: 143
5/28/13 10:40 P

I prefer not to buy and drink, or use in cereal/cooking overprocessed plant juices sold as a "milk". I do like the Almond breeze as a coffee creamer tho.

JRRING Posts: 1,534
5/28/13 1:24 P

I think we have almond breeze. I saw a program showing how to make it from scratch. A lot of work!!

CHELHART SparkPoints: (4,034)
Fitness Minutes: (1,780)
Posts: 97
5/26/13 7:34 P

I see this is an old topic, but my husband really likes the almond milk. Kroger has a store brand that is not really any more expensive than regular milk.

5/26/13 12:52 A

I love Almond milk. I haven't had any binging with it, but I alternate it every day with soy milk. That way I don't get too excited about either one. I don't know if that helps . . .

BPXDOMINO Posts: 227
5/24/13 4:12 P

I see this is an old topic, but I like the Silk unsweetened almond milk. A lot! A little too much - anybody ever have any binge-related problems with it? Is it addictive?

LITTLENINJA2 SparkPoints: (408)
Fitness Minutes: (1,080)
Posts: 39
10/15/12 6:35 P

Almond Breeze is the hands down winner in my book.

CDANDERS05 Posts: 356
10/9/12 7:46 P

Almond Breeze is amazing and since I use it all the time to make baked oatmeal and other items that are mixed, I've tried the unsweetened vanilla and it is only 40 calories! I mixed it with Lite Hershey syrup last night and it made fabulous chocolate milk!

Also, Almond Dream ice cream is now my new favorite dessert!

4MYJIBBS2012 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6
10/7/12 11:52 P

I use almond milk for all of my cooking needs when a recipe calls for milk... to me Almond Breeze is the best... my family and I also use it regularly with everyday eating ex. cereal, oatmeal, shakes and etc.

KENDRASTIC SparkPoints: (22,855)
Fitness Minutes: (11,874)
Posts: 308
10/7/12 6:22 P

I think it is worth trying it! I'm not sure how the frozen consistency is, though.

ENASH05 Posts: 64
9/22/12 8:04 P

Do you think almond milk would be a good milk substitute in homemade sherbert?

OHIOGRL60 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 30
9/21/12 2:31 P

Its not that I don't like it, but any type of soy juice, nut extracts, or other processed " milk textured" like drinks don't agree with me-I have tried several types/brands with no luck. I drink Skim or 1% real cows milk since i'm not lactose intolerant.

JPEARL127 SparkPoints: (17,654)
Fitness Minutes: (15,802)
Posts: 203
9/20/12 4:55 P

I absolutely LOVE almond milk!

SERENA2208 Posts: 49
9/20/12 12:09 P

I prefer Almond Breeze. I usually buy the vanilla. I use it my oatmeal and is super delicious in special k almond cereal.

CDANDERS05 Posts: 356
9/18/12 7:12 P

Almond Breeze original is my favorite. I like the vanilla for a "dessert" drink.

I use almond milk all the time for cooking and baking. Alot of recipes I make actually call for almond milk. I haven't had any problems with it so have at it! :)

AMBERRI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,445)
Posts: 59
6/20/12 3:04 P

Has anyone used almond milk for cooking?? Can you substitute it for baking purposes? I like the taste for cereal/shakes/etc but I usually use regular (1%) milk for cooking. I would like to go to something vegan, but I really do not like using soy substitutes. Any suggestions? or experiences with Almond or Coconut Milk?

SUEB54 Posts: 38
6/11/12 1:20 P

I am a new user of the Silk unsweetened almond milk. I use it in my smoothies to get the biggest bang for my buck! Tastes great!

SAUE78 Posts: 82
6/11/12 2:34 A

Online Now  • ))
u know i was anti soy and almond my daughter puts it "eeew mom this milk is rotten" lol but i tried the almond milk and its pleasant...:)

RUTHDEN1 SparkPoints: (116,496)
Fitness Minutes: (94,201)
Posts: 2,496
6/11/12 12:42 A

Almond breeze or silk almond unsweetened are less caloric and best taste.

GRIFFKNIT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 17
6/8/12 11:03 A

I prefer the Silk unsweetened Vanilla to the Almond Breeze.

I use it in cereal, oatmeal or quinoa or with any other breakfast, a snack or a cookie. I use it any way I would use regular milk.

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MYHANDS4GOD SparkPoints: (17,653)
Fitness Minutes: (15,596)
Posts: 392
6/8/12 6:46 A

I know at my walmart they don't have a health food section. I find my almond milk in the aisle in the cereal aisle or one around it.

SAM09273 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (935)
Posts: 31
6/8/12 1:55 A

I'm not sure where the healthy section of WalMart is. Can you give me a few items that are in that isle? Thanks.

SAM09273 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (935)
Posts: 31
6/8/12 1:52 A

I like it with Cheerios also. its really good. Have you tried the chocolate? i would like to try it before i purchase a full quart.

MYHANDS4GOD SparkPoints: (17,653)
Fitness Minutes: (15,596)
Posts: 392
6/7/12 9:53 P

I had to switch to almond or rice milk when I became lactose intolerant. I like Almond breeze myself. I like to drink the chocolate. I like the vanilla for cereal and the plain to cook with. Vanilla with mashed potatoes just doesn't appeal to me. I typically only buy the unsweetened. There are many different brands out there. Try them all till you find what you like
I do not like soy though. I like rice milk and almond milk

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,770
6/7/12 8:16 P

I like the unsweetened almond breeze - vanilla and chocolate, but I usually use it in something. I'm not one to drink any sort of 'milk' straight up.

CAVAMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (65)
Posts: 28
5/29/12 7:43 P

I use Blue Almond Brand Almond Milk. I love the taste of the unsweetened. I must admit, it still has a sweetness to it. I really like it with Cheerios!

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
5/28/12 9:33 P

I am using Almond breeze this week. It was on special in the supermarket so I thought I'd give it a try. The verdict is not in yet. I usually drinks soy.

LOSER05 SparkPoints: (465,267)
Fitness Minutes: (121,012)
Posts: 22,923
5/23/12 9:51 A

almond chocolate is great

LITTLEBO Posts: 1,197
5/21/12 1:43 P

I drink Almond Breeze unsweetened. 35-40 calories. And it has no funky taste. the sweetened to too sweet for drinking.

HARLEYGIRL70 Posts: 358
5/21/12 5:11 A

I like the Almond Breeze, use it in my oatmeal. Yum!

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (192,119)
Fitness Minutes: (97,517)
Posts: 6,238
5/20/12 12:47 P

I prefer Silk unsweetened. Almond Breeze is too "watery" for me.

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (27,445)
Fitness Minutes: (18,509)
Posts: 509
5/16/12 2:21 A

I use Almond Breeze. It's amazing! I like unsweetened, but original is good too.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/15/12 1:36 P

I use Silk unsweetened, I only use it on my cereal or in cooking, I never drank milk,alone, anyway, so the taste is inconsequential.

HAZYSKIES SparkPoints: (37,449)
Fitness Minutes: (33,960)
Posts: 1,169
5/14/12 9:19 A

I've only tried Silk Vanilla Almond Milk. It tasted like milk after very sweet cereal has been sitting in it. I think you could get the same effect by mixing teaspoons of sugar with water. UGH

Maybe the unsweetened stuff is better but the vanilla is TOO SWEET.

5/12/12 10:51 A

I use Trader Joe's unsweetened sometimes for my coffee. I don't know how it tastes alone, since I don't drink it like that, but it's great in coffee.

TRAMIREZ1168 Posts: 53
5/11/12 5:17 P

I like to use the Almond Milk in my protein shakes I make instead of skim milk. Half the calories and it taste good.

TJANDJESS Posts: 672
5/11/12 12:46 A

I don't taste much of a differance in the brands, just in the types.
Sweetened Vanilla- the sweetest tasting
Original- tiny bit of sweetness, tastes closest to real milk
Unsweetened vanilla- no sweetener added, doesn't taste good alone but good for recipes if looking for low carb/low calorie

SSEMBORSKI SparkPoints: (1,089)
Fitness Minutes: (1,110)
Posts: 3
5/5/12 9:29 A

Silk and Almond Breeze both unsweetened original. I prefer Almond Breeze, but can't always get it, so will settle for silk. If I accidentally buy vanilla, it makes me gag. You can get a smaller container in the healthy section of the supermarket to try before you buy a bigger jug.

AMANDAF1978 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,560)
Posts: 12
5/4/12 8:35 P

Thank you, I will give it a try. :)

OHIOGRL160 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 44
5/4/12 2:33 P

I can't seem to get into those plant extracts (soybeans, almonds, coconut, etc) that are processed into a milky substance and sold as Milk, its Not. Mammals give Milk, Not plants. I enjoy the real 1% milk, although I like the almond "milk" as a creamer in my coffee.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/4/12 10:36 A

AMANDA-- I would buy or make your own almond milk. Don't go soy.
Start with the vanilla or chocolate. I only use the unsweetened but since I don't eat cereal it all goes into my smoothies. It does taste different, but I really enjoy it. Looking into making macadamia and hazelnut milk too.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,624
5/4/12 8:29 A

I drink silk dark chocolate almond milk - the single servings are so great to take on the go!

AMANDAF1978 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,560)
Posts: 12
5/3/12 1:25 P

I'm a regular milk drinker, any suggestions on how to make an adjustment to almond or soy milk? I've heard they are better for us, but I'm so used to cows milk. I do drink milk and use it everyday, I most likely won't give it up, just looking to change up some of my intake. Thanks.

BEACHY_ Posts: 104
4/30/12 2:57 P

Almond Breeze, unsweetened. I use the plain or vanilla. And I use the chocolate (unsweetened) to make SF homemade ice cream. Yum!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/24/12 2:26 P

unless I make it myself, i prefer the Whole Foods brand. it doesn't have any casein in it. the other brands do.

CHEFMOM1199 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,838)
Posts: 420
4/24/12 8:59 A

I think whole foods brand (365) is really the best. You can also make your own very easily.

ALEXBACK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,366)
Posts: 14
4/24/12 5:38 A

I love Silk original. Vanilla's too sweet but I'm worried I won't like unsweetened.

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,414)
Fitness Minutes: (26,215)
Posts: 3,395
4/23/12 1:08 P

I really like Almond Breeze original. Never tried the other one.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
4/23/12 1:11 A

I think it depends on what you're using it for. I either use it with my quinoa "oatmeal" or in smoothies, and prefer Pacific brand because they have an unsweetened, unflavored variety that is 40 calories per cup. However, I buy the Silk brand unsweetened vanilla lately because it is cheaper per 1/2 gallon than the quarts of Pacific. The vanilla can interfere with the flavor of some of my smoothies, though. I have not tried the Almond Breeze brand.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (189,022)
Fitness Minutes: (79,079)
Posts: 9,037
4/22/12 9:17 P

I had Silk, original (not flavored), and unsweetened. I happened to have liked it. I never tried Almond Breeze brand.

SHELLYL Posts: 76
4/22/12 2:48 P

Which brand do you prefer.....Silk or Almond Breeze????

I tried the Silk vanilla and HATE it! My kids seem to like it

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