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4/6/11 8:43 A

I have a few recipes that call for almond flour. It does have a different texture than regular flour. Also, because it is ground nuts, it has more oil in it and does have a different flavor. Therefore, replacing too much regular flour could affect the outcome of the recipe. I would try replacing the recommended amount and if that works, then next time perhaps sub a bit more to make sure you still like it.

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4/6/11 7:23 A

Dena, thanks for mentioning carrot muffins and pizza crust. I always do the same old stuff every week with my almond meal and want to try new things.

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4/6/11 7:20 A

I use both almond and coconut flour, though mostly almond because it's cheaper. (Wish coconut was not so expensive. It's very yummy.) I don't have to add any regular flour when baking almond-based bread or coconut bread, but a few weeks ago I tried to use just almond flour in a conventional recipe and it was a disaster. I will now always check online for a comparable almond or coconut flour recipe before trying to convert a regular recipe.

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4/6/11 7:05 A

lots of low carb recipes using various nut flours here.

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4/6/11 12:57 A

Thanks for the tips!! DENA - do you happen to have that pizza recipe?? I'd love to try it out!

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4/5/11 10:52 P

Almond flour is pretty common in the Paleo diet. I discovered almond flour and made carrot muffins with it, really good! It is just ground up almonds so it is high in protein and has some good fat in it too. I have a friend who made paleo pizza with the almond meal and it was seriously the best crust I have ever had. Not too sure about the coconut flour but paleo folks use coconut water in a lot of stuff too. I dabble in the paleo world so I'm definately not an expert but it's a good place to start if you want to find some recipes. Oh I found almond meal cheapest at Trader Joes's if you have one near check it out, seriously $8(!) less then the health food store. Happy cooking!

4/5/11 7:26 P

I use them because I am on a low carb plan. You can make pancakes with almond flour and cottage cheese. These are great. You can make brownies with coconut flour or almond flour and reduce your carb intake. You can make flourless tortes with almond flour too.

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4/5/11 5:39 P

So I found these at the health food store. On the back it says to replace your normal flour with a certain amount of these... however you don't replace all of the normal flour. I was wondering what the reasoning was behind this.... how does it affect the food??

Has anyone tried either of these? Or tried replacing ALL of the flour in a recipe? Any feedback on these would be great! Thanks!

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