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6/24/13 10:48 A

That should work. You can pretty much grind up any kind of nut or seed and use it in recipes.

I use almond flour a lot. I like to use it instead of bread crumbs in recipes.

In recipes like cookies or muffins I usually will use 1/2 almond flour, 1/2 rice or arrowroot flour because almond flour is very wet and will make baked goods very doughy.

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6/23/13 11:29 P

Thanks! I'm thinking of using it in place of oats for home made protein bars.

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6/23/13 10:44 P

I use almond flour every once in a while. The 2 things to remember are:
1. You can't just dump it in like you do regular flour; you'll have to add other things to make it act more like regular flour;
2. It's just ground almonds, so if you are watching your fat intake, don't eat tons!

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6/23/13 10:17 P

I'm thinking of getting some almond flour to use instead of regular flour. Has anyone used it and how have you liked it?

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